2 boats crash in western Congo; death toll unclear

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Two boats person collided connected nan Congo River in occidental Congo, section officials said, giving conflicting accounts connected deaths.

Alexis Mampa, main of nan Maluku municipality, said nary 1 died successful the collision Monday eastbound of Congo’s superior of Kinshasa. Another section official, Eliezer Ntambwe, astatine first said dozens were dormant but later said nan toll wasn’t clear.


It was not known what caused nan boats loaded pinch group and equipment to collide.

Horrified residents watched from nan riverbank. A video seen by The Associated Press shows group flailing successful nan h2o while mini boats move towards them.

Deadly boating accidents hap often successful Congo arsenic crews often overload mini woody vessels. Rivers are cardinal to carrier successful nan immense cardinal African state pinch immoderate of nan world's slightest developed roadworthy infrastructure. Most stream postulation is tally by small, informal operators, and officials person warned that adherence to maritime regulations is poor.

In January, astir of nan 50 passengers aboard a woody vessel that capsized connected a reservoir successful eastbound Congo were presumed dead.