3 endangered wolves dead in Oregon, $50,000 reward for information

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A national agency is offering a $50,000 reward for accusation astir nan deaths of 3 endangered grey wolves from nan aforesaid battalion successful southern Oregon.

The collars from 2 grey wolves sent a mortality awesome Dec. 29. State wildlife officials responded and recovered 3 dormant wolves, 2 pinch collars and 1 without, nan U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said successful a statement.


The collared wolves were an big breeding female and a subadult from nan Gearhart Mountain Pack. The different wolf killed was besides a subadult.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said it is alert of 7 wolves remaining successful nan pack, including a breeding male.

Officials did not bespeak successful nan connection really nan wolves died. A telephone connection near Saturday seeking much accusation was not instantly returned.

Gray wolves are protected by national rule nether nan Endangered Species Act. It is forbidden to wounded aliases termination them. The reward is for accusation starring to an arrest, criminal condemnation aliases fine.

In Oregon, grey wolves are listed arsenic endangered successful nan occidental two-thirds of nan state.

The 3 wolves were killed eastbound of Bly successful confederate Oregon’s Klamath County, aliases astir 310 miles southeast of Portland. They were an area that wolves are known to inhabit, stretching crossed Klamath and Lake counties, conscionable northbound of nan Oregon-California border.