3, including teen, killed by security forces as Senegal election protests rage on

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Security forces in Senegal person killed astatine slightest 3 people, including a 16-year-old boy, during protests successful caller days denouncing nan president's determination to hold elections, Amnesty International said Tuesday.

The authorities group successful a connection said protesters were killed during a crackdown successful nan capital, Dakar, and successful Saint-Louis and Ziguinchor cities connected Feb. 9 and 10, pinch 16-year-old Landing Camara changeable successful nan head.

Another ample protestation by civilian society, guidance and waste and acquisition unions was expected Tuesday evening, but organizers said authorities hadn’t authorized it. "This is everything we are fighting against," 1 organizer, Amadou Samb, told The Associated Press.


Senegal's authorities trim entree to mobile net services connected Tuesday. The communications ministry said "hateful and subversive" messages were circulating online.

Senegal has seen much than a week of protests aft President Macky Sall delayed elections scheduled for precocious February, citing clip needed to resoluteness controversies complete nan disqualification of immoderate candidates and a conflict betwixt nan government's legislative and judicial branches.

Senegal’s parliament voted past week to hold nan predetermination until Dec. 15. The Constitutional Council is expected to norm wrong days connected whether it agrees.

Sall has been accused of trying to hold leaving office, thing he denied to during an AP question and reply past week.

The postponement has caused location and world interest that 1 of West Africa's astir antiauthoritarian countries could spell nan measurement of immoderate of its neighbors, which person been mired successful coups and insecurity.

On Tuesday, nan United Nations said it was profoundly concerned astir Senegal's tense business and called for prompt, thorough and independent investigations into nan killings of protesters.

"It is important that nan authorities unequivocally bid nan information forces to respect and guarantee quality rights, including nan authorities to state of expression, relation and serene assembly," said Liz Throssell, a spokesperson for nan U.N. quality authorities office.

She called connected nan authorities to guarantee that its projected nationalist speech beryllium arsenic inclusive arsenic possible. Senegal's president has said a nationalist speech could commencement arsenic early arsenic this week, but he warned that nan state was successful a vulnerable infinitesimal and governmental actors needed to beryllium careful.

The West African location bloc known was ECOWAS began a three-day parliamentary negotiated ngo to Senegal connected Monday to talk nan situation.