49ers players admit being unaware of overtime rules in Super Bowl LVIII: 'It was a surprise'

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NFL fans saw nan league’s caller postseason overtime rules successful effect during Super Bowl LVIII betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers connected Sunday night.

As nan crippled went into overtime, nan convention reminded fans connected X astir nan rules. Both teams person nan opportunity to get nan shot astatine slightest erstwhile during overtime unless nan squad kicking disconnected received a information connected nan team’s first possession. If 1 squad has much points than its force aft nan 2 possessions, it is declared nan winner.

If nan crippled is tied aft nan 2 possessions aliases neither squad scored connected their first possession, past nan crippled goes into abrupt death.


Chiefs players said they had gone complete a strategy successful lawsuit nan crippled went into overtime. Niners players admitted they didn’t cognize nan rules for overtime. San Francisco won nan coin flip and chose to person nan shot first.

"You cognize what? I didn't moreover recognize nan playoff rules were different successful overtime," 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk said aft nan game, via ESPN. "I presume you conscionable want nan shot to people a touchdown and win. I conjecture that's not nan case. I don't wholly cognize nan strategy there. We hadn't talked astir it, no."

Niners protect extremity Arik Armstead besides didn’t cognize nan rules.

"I didn't moreover cognize astir nan caller playoff overtime rule, truthful it was a astonishment to me," he said, via ESPN. "I didn't moreover really cognize what was going connected successful position of that."


Coach Kyle Shanahan suggested he had a strategy for overtime.

"If some teams matched and scored, we wanted to beryllium nan ones pinch nan chance to spell triumph it," he said. "We sewage that section goal, truthful we were hoping to clasp them to astatine slightest a section goal. If we did, we felt it was successful our hands after."

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said they had a scheme for overtime nary matter really nan coin flip went.

Patrick Mahomes threw nan game-winning touchdown walk to Mecole Hardman to apical nan 49ers, 25-22. He said nan squad had an overtime strategy.

Mahomes said Hardman was confused if he really won nan game.

"I threw a touchdown to this dude astatine nan extremity of nan game, and he looked astatine me, and he had nary idea," Mahomes told nan NFL Network. "I said, ‘Dude, we conscionable won nan Super Bowl!’ He blacked out, he had nary idea. He didn’t moreover observe astatine nan beginning."