Allison Holker, wife of Stephen "tWitch" Boss, finds new purpose after star's death: 'So much gratitude'

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This communicative discusses suicide. If you aliases personification you cognize is having thoughts of suicide, please interaction nan Suicide & Crisis Lifeline astatine 988 aliases 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Allison Holker recovered herself dancing successful nan room pinch her children again.

The dancer and TV big has recovered a caller intent aft enduring calamity connected nan world’s stage. Her hubby Stephen "tWitch" Boss, nan longtime and beloved dancing DJ connected "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," took his life successful 2022 astatine property 40.

Today, nan mother of 3 is celebrating her spouse’s life and legacy. Before his death, nan mates co-wrote a children’s book, "Keep Dancing Through: A Boss Family Groove," which was published successful January.


Holker sold nan Los Angeles home she shared pinch Boss and their children successful November, People mag reported.

"It was a difficult determination to want to move," nan 35-year-old admitted to Fox News Digital. "I deliberation for anyone nether these circumstances, it’s tricky. You want to clasp onto truthful galore memories, but … we each chose to person a caller commencement for each other. It’s been a alteration that was needed.

"Our caller location has brought america caller energy," she shared. "There’s a caller resurgence. We will person those memories [from nan past], but we person thing for illustration nan book to look backmost on. The location is beautiful, and it’s been a superb measurement for america to commencement caller traditions pinch each other."

"Love is present – and there’s truthful overmuch gratitude," she added.

"Keep Dancing Through" intends to promote readers to support dancing, nary matter what life throws their way. It’s a motto that has helped nan family persevere.

"Dancing has ever been specified a immense portion of nan family," said Holker. "It has not stopped. It took a 2nd for america to get backmost into it, but I americium playing euphony astatine my location each time agelong and changing up nan vibes. At immoderate moment, you’ll conscionable spot immoderate 1 of america successful nan room dancing aliases stepping retired of nan room and dancing. 

"It’s our measurement to shingle disconnected immoderate worry that we mightiness consciousness aliases immoderate aggravated emotion we mightiness feel. Sometimes, we conscionable want to person nosy and laughter together. It keeps our family connected. And we find truthful overmuch joyousness successful it together."


Holker stressed there’s a "special energy" successful their caller home, 1 that has encouraged everyone to heal after losing nan beloved patriarch.

"When I first walked into this home, it felt for illustration I could breathe," Holker recalled. "It felt for illustration freedom. It felt fresh. My family and I felt for illustration we could really respire here. It felt safe."

The "So You Think You Can Dance" judge is simply a proud mom to Weslie Renae, 15, Maddox Laurel, 7, and Zaia, 3.

In starting a caller chapter, Holker said "gratitude" has been a typical mantra, 1 she starts her time with.

"I was taught years agone by a friend to conscionable commencement my time pinch gratitude," she explained. "It’s ever been a portion of my regular routine. But it has a full caller discourse to it now. My family has knowledgeable thing that I wouldn’t want for anyone to endure, to beryllium honest. But I still person truthful overmuch gratitude. I get to aftermath up each greeting and spot my beautiful kids. I get to acquisition this life pinch their smiling faces and thief beryllium their guideline connected their journeys. I still get to spot nan beautiful trees erstwhile I spell connected hikes aliases bent retired pinch my friends. I’m truthful grateful that I’m still capable to support that broadside of life done everything that we’ve gone through."

"I’m trying to thatch my children that, yes, location are going to beryllium immoderate sad moments, location are going to beryllium immoderate really difficult moments," Holker continued. "But if you are conscionable diligent pinch yourself, you’ll find that emotion and joyousness if you conscionable springiness it different second, different beat. You’ll spot each nan things that you person astir you, that you tin beryllium grateful for. It will thief you propulsion retired of that sadness.

"I’m grateful that I learned this accomplishment truthful agelong agone because I consciousness it’s a immense point helping maine done this time. And I’m trying to thatch that to my children, too. Everyone successful life is going done something, but look astatine each nan things that we get to do moreover done those difficult times."

Holker first met Boss astatine a statement successful 2006, People mag reported. The brace reconnected connected play 7 of "So You Think You Can Dance" before saying "I do" successful 2013.

After welcoming their firstborn, nan mates dreamed of penning a book together. But "you get caught up successful parenting and work," said Holker. 

It wasn't until aft they welcomed their youngest that nan mates decided it was yet clip to show their family story.

"We wanted to put that communicative connected insubstantial for our kids to look backmost connected erstwhile they’re overmuch older," said Holker. "And past they could walk it connected to their children. It was truthful cool to spot it travel to life."

After losing her husband, Holker said it was important to retrieve his life and legacy.

"He deserves that," she said. "He was truthful beautiful. He made a people for himself and inspired truthful galore people. He genuinely lived a life of emotion and light. He ever wanted to beryllium truthful giving to others. So, I dream group tin still spot that. He really is personification who is loved. And we’re truthful fortunate capable to acquisition life pinch him. … My youngest, specifically, looks astatine this book and says, ‘There’s daddy and mommy.’ He’s still surrounding us, protecting america and giving america love."


Holker noted that having regular rituals has go basal to her healing. She starts her time astatine 6 a.m. and practices "cold plunging," afloat submersing herself successful chilly h2o for 5 minutes. Many in installments nan believe for relieving aching muscles, reducing slump and worry and providing clarity. She besides meditates earlier her youngest wakes up.

Holker is besides a large believer successful saying affirmations to springiness her a consciousness of intent each day. Sayings that resonate pinch her see "I merit love" and "I merit happiness."

"I’m passionate astir having my individual clip successful nan morning," she said. "I want to beryllium successful my champion authorities of mind before my kids get up. … We person a beautiful regular schedule, but everyone helps to make judge it happens."

"You know, a batch of times, group inquire me, ‘Are your kids dancers?’" she reflected. "And to me, I don’t judge that immoderate of my kids person to beryllium a dancer. Yes, I could guideline them really good successful that, but I want my kids to create their ain accomplishment sets. What do they love? My oldest wants to open up salons. My boy loves sports. And my youngest is each astir gymnastics. … I support them successful thing they want to do, thing that gives them joy. I conscionable want to guideline them."

Today, Holker is learning to "just beryllium me," nan female "outside nan grief, extracurricular nan trauma."

"Simply existing is simply a gift," she said. "Just waking up and being capable to spot and consciousness – those are each gifts. I consciousness nan astir gratitude erstwhile I conscionable aftermath up. Existing — really awesome of a gift is that? And it’s conscionable truthful cool that we get to do that."