Anna Frey, Brock Purdy doppelgänger, to cheer on 49ers star at Super Bowl LVIII

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San Francisco 49ers backmost Brock Purdy will look successful nan first Super Bowl of his profession Sunday erstwhile he takes connected nan Kansas City Chiefs.

While Taylor Swift is successful nan Chiefs’ area because of Travis Kelce, viral TikTok sensation Anna Frey will beryllium successful Purdy’s corner. 

The 16-year-old precocious schoolhouse tennis prima from Utah received a summons to be Super Bowl LVIII successful Las Vegas since going viral during nan play for resembling Purdy.


When Purdy won nan NFC championship, he was seen successful a video pinch personification shouting, "Anna Frey is going to nan Super Bowl." Anna responded to nan video, screen-capping nan video, "patiently waiting for my Super Bowl invite." 

Sure enough, Six Star Pro Nutrition came done for her arsenic nan clip registered 29 cardinal views.

Anna told Fox News Digital successful an question and reply earlier nan crippled she didn’t spot a resemblance.

"No, I didn’t," Anna said. "But conscionable 1 remark conscionable said, ‘She kinda looks for illustration Brock Purdy,’ and past that remark conscionable blew up. Everything other followed."

Jennie Frey, Anna’s mother, was seated adjacent to her and said she didn’t spot it astatine first.

"I don’t deliberation I would’ve thought of it, but now seeing pictures of them broadside by side, I do deliberation there’s a resemblance. They could possibly beryllium cousins aliases siblings aliases something," she said. "But I don’t deliberation I would’ve thought of it connected my own."


Anna has since gained a monolithic pursuing connected TikTok, amassing complete 1 cardinal followers.

"As a parent, it made maine a small nervous," Jennie said of her daughter’s popularity. "But, for nan astir part, it’s been affirmative and fun. And I consciousness for illustration she’s handling it beautiful well. As a parent, there’s ever concerns erstwhile your kid is successful nan spotlight for illustration this, but we’ve had awesome opportunities. And we’re going to nan Super Bowl. So, I mean, really awesome is that?"

Anna’s fame connected TikTok landed her a name, image and likeness (NIL) woody pinch Six Star Pro Nutrition. She’s an ambassador pinch nan likes of Pittsburgh Steelers prima T.J. Watt and U.S. shot prima Kristie Mewis.

Anna and her mom said they were pulling for Purdy to triumph nan crippled moreover though Anna admitted she was conscionable initially asking for a Super Bowl summons arsenic a "joke."

As for nan last score, Anna thinks nan 49ers will triumph 24-17.

Jake Duhaime, caput of communications astatine Iovate Health Sciences, nan genitor institution of nan Six Star brand, told Fox News Digital Anna will caput to Orlando, Florida, for a tennis match.

If Purdy and nan Niners triumph nan game, they could beryllium pursuing her down there.

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