Biden meets with Jordanian King Abdullah, calls for Israel to work to achieve peace deal

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President Biden said his management is moving connected facilitating a hostage woody betwixt Israel and Hamas that would bring a halt to nan fighting successful nan Gaza Strip "for astatine slightest six weeks," during his remarks Monday astatine nan White House alongside King Abdullah II of Jordan. 

Biden met pinch nan Jordanian monarch to talk nan ongoing warfare between Israel and nan panic group arsenic good arsenic really to bring astir a bid statement betwixt nan Jewish authorities and Palestinian leaders. The 2 leaders met earlier addressing reporters astatine nan White House Cross Hall with prepared remarks.

"The cardinal elements of nan woody are connected nan table. There are gaps that remain," said Biden. "But I've encouraged Israeli leaders to support moving to execute nan deal."


Biden and nan king besides discussed Israel's subject violative successful Rafah, a metropolis successful confederate Gaza. He said nan cognition should not hap without a reliable scheme for ensuring nan information and support of much than 1 cardinal Palestinians sheltering location who are "exposed and vulnerable."  

"We cannot spend an Israeli onslaught connected Rafah," nan king said. "It is definite to nutrient different humanitarian catastrophe."

On Monday, Israel said 2 Israeli hostages – Fernando Marman, 60, and Louis Har, 70being held successful Rafah were rescued.

"The hostages ... were held captive successful harsh conditions. They were intentionally held successful nan mediate of a civilian vicinity wrong a civilian building to effort to forestall america from rescuing them. But we did," IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said successful a video message. "Fernando Marmon and Luis Har are now location successful Israel. They person undergone aesculapian introspection and person been reunited pinch their families."

Biden noted that a Palestinian authorities could create conditions for Israel to person semipermanent bid pinch its Arab neighbors and long-lasting security. 

"That effort was underway earlier nan Oct. 7 attacks," Biden said. "It's moreover much urgent today."

Israel has projected a two-state solution to Palestinian leaders successful nan past, which person each person been rejected. 

Abdullah said issues betwixt Israel and nan Palestinians successful nan West Bank and East Jerusalem must besides beryllium addressed, including nan description of Israeli settlements and nan Al-Aqsa Mosque, wherever he said Muslim worshipers person not been allowed to enter.

"Seven decades of occupation, decease and demolition person proven beyond immoderate uncertainty that location tin beryllium nary bid without a governmental device," he said.