Biden takes jab at Hur report with joke about his memory, returns after speech: 'One more thing I forgot'

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President Biden attempted a joke astir his representation during a reside successful Washington, D.C., Monday, seemingly taking a jab astatine Special Counsel Robert Hur's report. 

Delivering remarks astatine nan National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Biden said astir his bipartisan infrastructure law, which he credits for allowing his management to proceed "making nan biggest finance successful ambiance alteration ever anyplace successful nan full world." 

"After devastating floods, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricane, we're going to support moving together to respond, to rebuild and boost resilience to utmost weather. My management is besides helping instal rooftop star to build a nationalist web of electrical conveyance charging stations for revitalizing fenceline communities smothered by nan bequest of contamination for illustration wherever I lived successful Claymont," Biden said, referring to wherever his family moved successful Delaware during nan early 1950s. 

"We're promoting cleanable power successful industries of nan early made present successful America. Made successful America," he said while transitioning. 


"What I didn't realize, and I've been around, I cognize it don't look for illustration it, but I've been astir a while. I do retrieve that," Biden said, garnering laughter and applause. 

The joke was somewhat undercut by Biden concluding nan reside – and past adding an interjection astatine nan end, admitting, "I forgot something," earlier making a last comment.

In building his statement for why nary charges were recommended pursuing an investigation into Biden's mishandling of classified documents, Hur, who was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, elaborate successful portion that Biden's defense of immoderate imaginable charges could perchance beryllium that, "Mr. Biden would apt coming himself to a jury, arsenic he did during our question and reply of him, arsenic a sympathetic, well-meaning, aged man pinch a mediocre memory."

The study cited examples erstwhile investigators said the president's representation lapsed, including complete erstwhile his older boy Beau had died. 

Biden's property and intelligence fittingness person already been a interest for voters. 


During his speech, Biden besides criticized his 2024 rival, erstwhile President Trump, and Republicans for opposing a $118 cardinal supplemental spending statement that included assistance for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, arsenic good arsenic an eager separator information and migration package. The separator package drew wide guidance from blimpish Republicans successful some chambers since its merchandise conscionable days earlier. The Senate voted against nan supplemental 50-49 Wednesday. It needed 60 votes to pass. 

The ballot went mostly on statement lines, isolated from for 5 Democrats voting nary and 4 Republicans voting yes. 

"Some of my utmost Republican friends – and by nan way, this is not your father's Republican Party … I'm not taking connected each Republicans. I really mean it. The MAGA Republicans, a minority, but a powerful minority. They went retired and they killed nan deal. My predecessor said he didn't for illustration it. It was a nonaccomplishment for him. We person to extremity nan governmental games, folks," Biden said Monday.  

The president besides claimed a triumph for nan economy.

"It's clear we person nan strongest system successful nan world. Nearly 15 cardinal caller jobs since I came to office," Biden said. "The longest agelong of nether 4% successful 50 years. Growth is strong. Rising wages are rising, ostentation is down. In fact, nan costs person fallen from everything from a gallon of state to a gallon of milk. We cognize prices are still excessively precocious because of what I telephone greed-inflation and shrinkflation," he said, referring to companies charging nan aforesaid magnitude for a merchandise while reducing quantity. "I'm calling connected corporations to walk their savings connected to consumers, for God's sake. We're making existent progress."

"The caller Washington Post header summed it up," Biden added, quoting nan newspaper's communicative titled, "Falling Inflation and Rising Growth Give nan U.S. nan World's Best Recovery."

"The world's champion recovery!" Biden said. "It's because you implemented what we did. You made it work."