Black History Month a chance to reflect on underserved communities

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As we observe Black History Month, I americium reminded of 1 of my uncle’s astir celebrated quotes. From nan steps of nan Lincoln Memorial, he declared that he had a dream. He said, "It is simply a dream profoundly rooted successful nan American dream. I person a dream that 1 time this federation will emergence up and unrecorded retired nan existent meaning of its creed."

For many, that creed reflects nan very principles this state was built connected and those enshrined successful our founding documents. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream embraces life, liberty and nan pursuit of happiness for ALL people. His dream includes adjacent rights, equality nether nan law, opportunity and dignity for each Americans arsenic nan 1 blood, 1 quality race, sloppy of tegument color.

In caller history, we saw nan American Dream reignited. Under nan Trump administration, nan Black organization wasn’t pandered to, offered handouts, aliases pushed to clasp pro-abortion and anti-family policies. Instead, nan Black organization knowledgeable breakthroughs, dignity and caller opportunities to dream and win successful life.

With these America First policies successful action, African Americans benefited from this chance to make their ain measurement successful life. Policies for illustration Opportunity Zones, taxation and regularisation cuts, schoolhouse choice, a unafraid border, and world stableness helped little nan Black unemployment rate. 


As a consequence of those policies, nan Black poorness complaint deed nan lowest levels ever recorded successful nan history of our country, and Black median family incomes roseate to nan highest it’s ever been. 

Sadly, this advancement was interrupted, and these trends were reversed nan infinitesimal nan Biden management began. Under President Biden, affirmative initiatives specified arsenic schoolhouse prime and nan sanctity of life, belief state and nationalist information person been driven from nan nationalist square. 

In its spot are the promotion of abortion and a Department of Justice that has been weaponized against group of faith. The demonization of governmental opponents has been seemingly sanctioned by nan administration, and nan Black organization is worse disconnected because of it.

Many of America’s leaders person either gone silent aliases abandoned old-fashioned commonsense and morals and alternatively embraced a look of pandering and neglect. As a result, nan problems faced by nan Black organization person gotten worse and worse. 

By abandoning nan solutions that work, nan existent management has been much willing successful things for illustration distributing ace pipes for "racial equity," stirring the "race-baiting" cookware pinch claims of nefarious motives down nan locations of roadworthy overpass construction, and utilizing nan administrative authorities to push anti-family and anti-life policies connected nan Black community.


And to adhd to this unfortunate situation, location person been caller unexpected attacks connected my uncle’s dream from immoderate wrong nan blimpish movement. As a consequence of these unfounded claims, galore minds are reeling astatine this effort to rebuke nan dream. 

My bosom is surgery complete nan authorities of America. Yet my faith, dream and emotion for our merciful God remain. As Christians, we are called to beryllium ever forgiving, ever repenting. There is simply a beautiful scripture successful nan book of John: "Ye who is without sin, formed nan first stone." Let’s not place nan beam successful our oculus and believe that this stone-casting against my uncle ceases.

More than 60 years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that "instead of honoring this ineffable obligation, America has fixed its colored group a bad check, a cheque that has travel backmost marked ‘insufficient funds.’" My uncle besides said he "refused to judge that nan slope of justness is bankrupt. We garbage to judge that location are insufficient costs successful nan awesome vaults of opportunity of this nation."

It’s clip to redeposit nan check. We must garbage to judge that those vaults of opportunity are empty. Although nan existent policies successful Washington are sending bad checks to nan Black organization erstwhile again, we person seen nan achievements that tin beryllium made erstwhile our leaders put America First policies into action.


This Black History Month, I besides want to mention nan passing of my beloved cousin, Dexter Scott King. He was a blessing and will genuinely beryllium missed. I would besides for illustration to grant a favorite grandmother of mine. "Big Mama King" was a talented musician, civilian authorities leader, and female of religion – and we would each do amended to study from her example. 

This past twelvemonth besides took from america a beloved friend in Bishop Dean Nelson, whose joyousness for life and committedness to bettering our state were sparkling examples for america all. 

The examples of these friends and leaders besides connection different opportunity to punctual america that things do not person to stay successful flux arsenic they presently are. Just a fewer years ago, we saw nan advancement that could beryllium made erstwhile we enact nan benignant of policies that work. 

This year, it’s clip again to request life, liberty, and nan pursuit of happiness from our elected officials and protection for life from nan womb to nan tomb and beyond. The advancement we person already made forms nan very halfway of my uncle’s dream; let’s reignite that spark today. 

The dream is not dead; it's a dream we tin execute erstwhile again, successful each procreation and decade, connected each level – if only we occupy our hearts and minds pinch prayer, spot successful God, and request alteration from our governmental leaders successful Washington and crossed nan nation.