Caesars exec talks company's place in Super Bowl prop betting history, dishes on Taylor Swift-themed wagers

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Caesars Sportsbook has dozens of prop bets NFL fans could wager connected for Sunday's Super Bowl betwixt nan San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Caesars became nan first sportsbook to connection a prop stake erstwhile it offered a 20-1 stake Chicago Bears protect extremity William "The Refrigerator" Perry would people a touchdown against nan New England Patriots during nan 1986 Super Bowl.

A batch of money came successful connected Perry to score. And by nan clip that crippled kicked disconnected 38 years ago, nan likelihood came down to 2-1. 

Perry scored a touchdown, and location was a bully payday for immoderate bettors.


"I deliberation Caesars deed nan bullseye of it," Caesars Sportsbook Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sports Ken Fuchs told Fox News Digital successful Las Vegas. "In 1986, we wanted to person a small fun, and we created a prop stake astir ‘The Fridge’ scoring a touchdown for nan Bears successful that ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ season. Of course, he did. The shot did not spell to Walter Payton. It went to ‘The Fridge.’ He scored. It cashed for customers, and nan prop stake was born. 


"And past you look astatine nan measurement customers successful nan U.S. markets create imagination sports, personage players. I deliberation it’s conscionable natural. People emotion to stake connected nan player. They emotion to travel them for their imagination team. They person a batch of knowledge connected their stats and really they're performing. 

"You’ve conscionable seen this improvement wherever group still want to cognize and stake connected who’s gonna triumph nan crippled pinch nan subordinate prop and each nan derivative markets disconnected of that. It’s really go a halfway portion of our offering."

Fuchs said he wasn’t amazed really prop betting has exploded since then. He said nan prop stake adds different characteristic to nan crippled that moreover brings casual bettors to nan market.

"I really do deliberation imagination sports laid nan groundwork for this complete nan past 25 years," he said. "Box scores successful nan newspaper, it’s conscionable portion of our civilization — having favourite players, knowing precisely what they did successful nan game. And now you tin put that intelligence to usage successful nan markets erstwhile you’re really betting. 

"Out of that you get a batch of derivatives – nan first touchdown score. Will a section extremity deed nan uprights? You tin person a batch of tally pinch it too. And I deliberation nan Super Bowl particularly brings successful group who emotion nan game, and they’re gonna stake connected nan game. You bring successful a batch of group that are much casual, and truthful they’re conscionable uncovering thing fundamental. And I deliberation we do that amended than anybody."

Aside from props for illustration will a protect subordinate people a touchdown aliases will a section extremity deed an upright, Caesars is offering themed bets for nan Super Bowl.

"We do person a fewer Taylor Swift boosts," Fuchs told Fox News Digital. "There’s a mates of others for illustration that arsenic well. She’s surely a taste portion of this game. And, for us, I deliberation it’s conscionable different measurement to person fun."

Some of nan themed bets see nan "tortured defenses department," which intends Brock Purdy has to person astatine slightest 2 touchdown passes, Patrick Mahomes has to propulsion for astatine slightest 250 yards, Christian McCaffrey has to people a touchdown, Travis Kelce needs astatine slightest 7 catches and Deebo Samuel needs astatine slightest 5 catches. It’s +700, and a $20 stake could output a victor $140.

Ahead of kickoff, nan 49ers are 1.5-point favorites. They started astatine 2-point favorites.

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