California hiker found dead on snowy mountain after she went missing on a solo hike 1 week ago

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A hiker who was missing for days connected Southern California's towering Mount Baldy was recovered dormant complete nan weekend, authorities said.

A chopper unit recovered nan assemblage of Lefei Huang, 22, connected Sunday greeting from nan precocious San Antonio Creek Falls area of nan mountain, nan San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said successful a statement.

A drone usability reported perchance spotting nan young female Saturday afternoon, but conditions prevented searchers from instantly hiking to nan spot and precocious winds prevented an aerial search.


The upland rises to much than 10,000 feet astir 40 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Storms person covered it successful snow.

Huang, of suburban El Monte, was reported missing soon earlier midnight connected Feb. 4. She had group retired connected a solo hike astatine astir 2 p.m. and hadn't been heard from since astir 4 p.m. that day.

Searches were hindered by dense snowfall and avalanche risks that forced crews to time off nan mountain.

Baldy is known to beryllium treacherous successful wintertime and past twelvemonth claimed nan lives of respective hikers, including character Julian Sands.