Crowd sets autonomous vehicle ablaze in San Francisco’s Chinatown

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A rowdy crowd surrounded a Waymo conveyance successful San Francisco’s Chinatown Saturday evening and group it connected fire, constabulary said. 

The San Francisco Police Department said a crowd of astir 10 to 15 group surrounded nan afloat autonomous conveyance betwixt Stockton and Grant conscionable earlier 9:30 p.m. 

The mob graffitied nan conveyance and smashed its windows earlier tossing a firework inside. The firework ignited, causing nan conveyance to drawback connected fire. 

A spokesperson for Waymo said nan conveyance was not transporting immoderate riders and nary injuries were reported. 

It remains unclear what motivated nan crowd to destruct nan vehicle. No arrests person been made arsenic of Sunday. 

The Waymo spokesperson said nan Mountain View-based institution is moving pinch section information officials to respond to nan situation. 

San Francisco constabulary reminded residents connected Sunday that usage of fireworks successful nan metropolis is prohibited because "they origin death, injury, and spot damage." 

Fox News Digital has reached retired to nan San Francisco Police Department for much information.