Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin undergoes non-surgical procedures for bladder issue, full recovery expected

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin underwent non-surgical procedures aft he was admitted to nan infirmary complete nan play for symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue, doctors said Monday.

Austin was taken to nan Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland connected Sunday. 

"Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III underwent non-surgical procedures nether wide anesthesia to reside his bladder issue.  We expect a successful betterment and will intimately show him overnight," publication a connection from Walter Reed Dr. John Maddox, trauma Medical director, and Dr. Gregory Chesnut, Center for Prostate Disease Research of nan Murtha Cancer Center Director.


"A prolonged infirmary enactment is not anticipated," nan doctors said. "We expect nan Secretary will beryllium capable to resume his normal duties tomorrow. The existent bladder rumor is not expected to alteration his anticipated afloat recovery."

Austin is expected to resume his duties connected Tuesday. He antecedently transferred his functions and duties to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. 

The defense secretary's planned travel to Brussels this week for meetings connected Ukraine and NATO has been canceled, and nan Wednesday Ukraine Defense Contact Group will meet virtually, nan section said Monday.

In December, Austin was admitted to Walter Reed and underwent prostate crab surgery. He developed an infection a week later and was readmitted to nan hospital. Hicks filled successful astatine nan clip while she was connected a antecedently scheduled leave.

On Monday, Maddox and Chesnut said Austin's "cancer prognosis remains excellent."

The caput was heavy criticized successful January pursuing his Jan. hospitalization for his cancer. Austin was admitted but nan Pentagon grounded to pass President Biden, Congress aliases nan property until days later. 

Austin said he apologized straight to Biden for not giving beforehand announcement astir his hospitalization.

"I want to beryllium crystal clear. We did not grip this correct and I did not grip this right," Austin said during a property briefing connected Feb. 1, regarding his hospitalization for prostate crab treatment. "I should person told nan president astir my crab diagnosis. I should person besides told my squad and nan American public, and I return afloat responsibility. I apologize to my teammates and to nan American people."