Denver schools overwhelmed by migrant surge as mayor slashes $5M from public services to address crisis

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A Denver nationalist school coach is sounding nan siren connected nan strain nan migrant situation is putting connected classrooms arsenic nan city's Democratic politician cuts millions from services for residents.

"We are already 100 students complete projection, and we person caller students coming successful weekly. We're already past nan October count. So each caller student that we get, we don't person nan costs to supply them pinch resources," coach Priscilla Rahn told "Fox & Friends" Monday.

Mayor Mike Johnston pinned nan blasted connected Republicans and erstwhile President Trump Friday while announcing $5 cardinal successful cuts from recreation centers, DMV services and metropolis landscaping to salary for nan migrant crisis.


"The prime by Republicans successful Congress to purposefully termination a historic, bipartisan separator woody this week will person a devastating effect successful Denver," Johnston said aft nan Republicans blocked a bipartisan separator deal, which included a overseas assistance package for Ukraine and Israel, from advancing Wednesday.

"Despite wide bipartisan support, I deliberation [former President] Trump and Republican leaders saw this arsenic a chance that if this measure really passed, it would person successfully solved nan problem facing cities and nan border, and they would person alternatively seen it fail, truthful they could exacerbate these problems, widen nan suffering of American group and of newcomers for their ain electoral changes this November," he said, according to The Hill. 

Rahn, a campaigner for Douglas County commissioner, called nan cuts "incredibly unfair" for nan city's families and placed nan blasted straight connected President Biden, Mayor Johnston and Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis.

"We person seen crossed America and now successful Denver, nan ample quality betwixt wide ideology and nan reality of governing," she said. "And truthful nan president has created this mess. And what we've seen is nan politician respond very emotionally."

"What I'd for illustration to spot nan politician and nan politician do is to reside nan problem astatine nan separator and inquire nan president to bring backmost immoderate of those polices that would make it much manageable."


The cuts travel nan mayor’s determination past period to divert $25 cardinal from nan metropolis fund to nan migrant crisis. That scheme included pulling $10 cardinal from a contingency money and $15 cardinal from a building remodel. Those actions followed nan city’s determination to clasp galore positions vacant and reappraisal caller aliases expanded contracts and programs.

Johnston says nan situation will costs nan metropolis astir $180 cardinal successful 2024.

Texas has transported thousands of migrants to sanctuary cities for illustration Denver, to showcase nan problems that separator states look erstwhile migrants flood their cities. Johnston told Fox News past week that nan metropolis was "very close" to a breaking point due to nan crisis.

"I’m incredibly proud of really metropolis squad members person stepped up complete nan past year, but it is clear that nan national authorities is not going to support our city," Johnston said, fighting backmost tears astatine a Friday property conference.

Denver passed laws to go a sanctuary city, but it doesn't see a right-to-shelter provision, which intends location is nary charismatic argumentation that compels nan section authorities to supply shelter indefinitely.

Along pinch these section fund cuts, nan metropolis will alteration nan number of migrants it serves and will proceed to show spending, Johnston said. Earlier this week, nan metropolis began ejecting astir 800 migrant families from shelters arsenic it scales backmost connected assistance for forbidden immigrants. 

Fox News' Michael Dorgan contributed to this report