Drake says fan will be 'super blessed' after winning $2.3 million from Chiefs' Super Bowl victory

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One fortunate Drake fan is going to beryllium "super blessed" by nan Canadian rapper during his adjacent show pursuing nan Kansas City Chiefs' triumph complete nan San Francisco 49ers successful Super Bowl LVIII connected Sunday. 

Drake, who is connected his "It's All A Blur Tour" pinch chap rapper J. Cole, shared a photograph of his monolithic $1.15 cardinal stake he put connected the Chiefs to triumph nan Super Bowl connected Sunday nighttime connected Instagram. 

His reasoning down nan pick? "I can't stake against nan swifties," he captioned nan photo. 


But, earlier nan "Big Game" successful Las Vegas, Drake shared different connection astir what would hap if he won nan $2.34 cardinal payout. 

"If I triumph personification getting ace blessed astatine nan show tmrw," Drake posted pinch his screenshot of nan wager connected Stake, nan betting level he's collaborated with. 


Well, we'll spot if Drake is simply a man of his connection aft nan Chiefs came from down and took down nan 49ers successful overtime, 25-22, down different magical game-winning thrust by Patrick Mahomes. 

The Chiefs prima backmost utilized his legs and his limb to thrust down nan section astatine Allegiant Stadium, wherever he yet recovered wide receiver Mecole Hardman for nan three-yard touchdown to triumph nan game. 

Many didn't want to stake against Mahomes, arsenic he was looking to cement nan Chiefs' dynasty pinch his 3rd Super Bowl ringing successful nan past 5 seasons. 

Kansas City was down 10 points early successful nan game, too, and Drake mightiness person been tense he stake nan incorrect broadside of nan biggest crippled of nan NFL season. 

The "For All nan Dogs" rapper was seen successful different Instagram Story rooting for Mahomes while successful his hotel. He watched pinch nan remainder of us, arsenic Mahomes made a second-half comeback and yet group up Harrison Butker's short section extremity to nonstop nan crippled to overtime. 

Mahomes, Travis Kelce and nan remainder of nan Chiefs came done successful nan extremity aft Brock Purdy and nan 49ers were only capable to footwear a section extremity connected their overtime drive. 

And conscionable for illustration Drake says successful his opus "First Person Shooter" pinch J. Cole, 1 instrumentality mightiness beryllium getting a payday "big arsenic nan Super Bowl."