Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson slams reporter over framing of Maui relief efforts: 'False clickbait garbage'

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took rumor pinch a caller study that touched connected his financial committedness to Maui successful nan aftermath of past year's devastating wildfires.

Johnson described nan study from Nick Sortor arsenic "toxic, mendacious clickbait garbage." Johnson pushed backmost against nan measurement nan study framed his caller quality astatine a WWE property conference successful Las Vegas. A video from nan arena successful mobility showed attendees booing astatine nan 51-year-old wrestler and actor.

Sortor suggested nan crowd's antagonistic guidance stemmed from Johnson failing to present connected his promise to thief supply financial support to nan Hawaiian island. 

"Dwayne Johnson promised TENS OF MILLIONS to nan victims of nan Maui fires, but galore victims still person not seen a dime," he wrote connected X, nan institution formerly known arsenic Twitter. 


The newsman past claimed that "many" victims had not received immoderate financial alleviation from nan WWE superstar.

"Dwayne Johnson promised TENS OF MILLIONS to nan victims of nan Maui fires, but galore victims still person not seen a dime," Sortor wrote.


Although it is difficult to intelligibly decipher nan chanting, nan newsman asserted that nan shouts from nan crowd were straight related to nan alleged Maui wildfire aid discrepancy. 

"The crowd started booing and chanting ‘MAUI! MAUI! MAUI!" MAKE IT HAPPEN!'"

Last year, Johnson on pinch media mogul Oprah Winfrey launched nan "People's Fund of Maui" to assistance those who were negatively impacted by nan wildfires. Johnson and Winfrey jump-started nan run by making an first $10 cardinal donation. However, backlash has grown successful nan weeks and months since nan money was started backmost successful August 2023.

Johnson decided to address nan controversy past October. 

"I could person been better, and adjacent time, I will beryllium better," nan WWE superstar said astatine nan time.

Johnson besides decided to respond to nan declare from Sortor, but this clip he took a overmuch stronger approach.

"I typically refrain from responding to toxic, mendacious clickbait garbage for illustration this because I dislike dignifying bu-----t pinch a response, but erstwhile you usage Hawaii’s tragic events to tie attraction to yourself I won’t enactment quiet," Johnson wrote connected X.

"This infinitesimal you’re referring to is from our WWE property convention this past Thursday wherever I turned ‘heel’ – wrestling parlance for bad guy. I’m playing it up pinch our crowd arsenic they boo. It’s what we do successful our WWE universe, and we each emotion each 2nd of it."

Johnson besides provided immoderate explanation connected nan magnitude of money that nan money has provided for wildfire victims. He besides mentioned that he traveled to Hawaii and challenged Sortor to salary nan land authorities a visit.

"Our People’s Fund of Maui has already DELIVERED complete $50 MILLION DOLLARS to complete 8,000 survivors who were affected by nan fires, and I’m grateful to nan bony that we’ve been nan superior funders," Johnson wrote.

"Nick, alternatively of posting bu-----t for illustration this that you cognize is mendacious — I promote you to station thing affirmative for Hawaii, for our Polynesian American people. Or really return affirmative action and travel to Hawaii to thief retired successful an uplifting way. I’m successful Hawaii now, and I guarantee you, you’ll get awesome contented that tin really make a quality successful people’s lives. Genuinely."

Sortor admitted successful a follow-up station connected X that Johnson’s mentation for nan booing seemed "to person immoderate validity," but he decided not to region his original station because he wants "to supply discourse to nan ongoing conflict betwixt nan 2 of america regarding backing for Maui."

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