Eli Manning says nephew Arch should not transfer out of Texas: 'That's where he wants to play football'

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It mightiness beryllium nan easy roadworthy for Arch Manning to transportation retired of Texas, but his uncle thinks that's a large no-no.

Manning, nan nephew of some Peyton and Eli, and nan grandson of Archie, will erstwhile again sit down Quinn Ewers, contempt being 1 of nan astir highly touted prospects retired of precocious school.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian announced earlier this week that pinch Ewers forgoing nan NFL Draft for different season, nan rising inferior will start.


Arch said he has not "looked into transferring astatine all," and nan New York Giants fable says that should stay nan case.

"He picked Texas because that’s wherever he wants to be," Eli said of Arch connected CBS Sports Radio. "That’s wherever he wants to play football. He likes Coach Sarkisian and his discourtesy and what they’re doing. . . .

"Obviously, nan scheme was possibly Ewers would spell into nan NFL," Eli continued. "But he’s there. It’s different twelvemonth for Arch to mature, study an offense, get bigger, stronger successful nan weight room and ever beryllium prepared to play. You ne'er cognize what’s gonna happen."

"He’s gotta beryllium ready. If not, past he gets immoderate playing clip present and there, and he’s sewage 3 much years of eligibility astatine a awesome school, astatine a awesome shot programme connected nan rise. The truth that you tin transportation truthful easy now doesn’t mean you should do it, conscionable because you’re not playing correct away. . . . 


"I cognize he wants to play. He’s itching to get successful there. But being patient, continuing to study tin beryllium very adjuvant arsenic well."

Ewers led Texas to nan College Football Playoff, wherever they almost had an unthinkable comeback against Washington successful nan semifinals.

"I think, naturally, erstwhile you get into nan College Football Playoff, and you look astatine nan squad that hit us, that was a sixth-year elder backmost [Michael Penix Jr.] that played astatine a really precocious level successful that game," Sarkisian said earlier this week. "I do deliberation his experience, his maturity are each going to beryllium things that he tin use from. We’re going to request his leadership." 

Sarkisian added that Arch "has sewage an highly agleam future."

"Obviously, there’s ever rumors, particularly nowadays, but I haven’t looked into transferring astatine all," Manning said. "I’m conscionable focused connected processing and helping this squad immoderate measurement I can, and hopefully 1 time playing for nan University of Texas, for illustration I’ve ever wanted to."

Texas will compete successful nan SEC adjacent play aft winning nan Big 12 Championship for nan first clip since 2009. 

Fox News' Joe Morgan contributed to this report.

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