EU foreign policy czar suggests US slash military aid to Israel

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European Union overseas argumentation main Josep Borrell connected Monday made a thinly cloaked telephone connected nan United States to trim arms supplies to Israel owed to precocious civilian casualties successful its warfare successful Gaza.

Borrell recalled that U.S. President Joe Biden said past week that Israel's consequence to nan Oct. 7 Hamas onslaught had been "over nan top" and U.S. and different Western officials had many times said excessively galore civilians were being killed successful Gaza.

"Well, if you judge that excessively galore group are being killed, possibly you should supply little arms successful bid to forestall truthful galore group being killed," Borrell told reporters aft a gathering of EU improvement assistance ministers successful Brussels.


"If nan world organization believes that this is simply a slaughter, that excessively galore group are being killed, possibly we person to deliberation astir nan proviso of arms," he added.

Borrell besides noted that a Dutch tribunal connected Monday ordered nan authorities of nan Netherlands to artifact each exports of F-35 combatant pitchy parts to Israel complete concerns they were being utilized successful violations of world rule successful nan Gaza war.

Borrell said it was contradictory for countries to many times state that Israel was sidesplitting excessively galore civilians successful Gaza but do thing actual to forestall nan killing.

Israel has insisted it takes extended measures to protect civilians but is forced to behaviour subject operations successful civilian areas arsenic Hamas, nan Palestinian militant group responsible for nan Oct. 7 attack, operates there.

The United States is Israel's astir important overseas arms provider. It gives Israel $3.8 cardinal successful subject assistance annually, ranging from combatant jets to powerful bombs. Washington has truthful acold not heeded immoderate pleas to trim specified aid.

In his remarks successful Brussels, Borrell besides sharply criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he was not listening to pleas to do much to protect civilians.

"Everybody goes to Tel Aviv, begging 'please don't do that, protect civilians, don't termination truthful many'. How galore is excessively many? What is nan standard?" Borrell said, appearing angry and emotional. "Netanyahu doesn't perceive (to) anyone."

Borrell said Netanyahu had been calling for an removal of Palestinian civilians from nan Rafah area of Gaza - nan past portion of nan enclave wherever group person recovered refuge - but nan seasoned Spanish politician questioned really this could beryllium done.

"They are going to evacuate? Where? To nan moon? Where are they going to evacuate these people?" he said.