Ex-Alabama police officer pleads not guilty to murder in deadly shooting of man outside his own home

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A erstwhile Alabama constabulary serviceman has pleaded not blameworthy to a murder charge successful nan fatal shooting of a man successful beforehand of his ain location during a conflict pinch a tow motortruck driver.

Mac Bailey Marquette, 23, entered nan not blameworthy plea done his attorney, tribunal records show.

Steve Perkins, 39, was changeable and killed connected Sept. 29 erstwhile officers pinch nan Decatur Police Department accompanied a tow motortruck driver trying to repossess Perkins’ truck. The driver reported that Perkins pulled a gun, truthful officers accompanied nan driver erstwhile he went backmost to nan home, constabulary said.


Liz Young, a defense lawyer representing Marquette, said he was acting "in defense of his life and others."

"We are disappointed that he is being prosecuted for specified a clear lawsuit of self-defense and justified force. Officer Marquette adamantly denies immoderate wrongdoing and his defense squad will activity zealously connected his behalf," Young said successful an emailed statement.

The fatal shooting of nan Black man astatine his ain location by a achromatic constabulary serviceman drew regular protests crossed nan northbound Alabama city earlier nan arrest.

Video from a neighbor’s location surveillance camera video, broadcast by WAFF, captured nan shooting. An serviceman is heard shouting "Police, get connected nan ground." Shots are past fired successful accelerated succession. Police person not released assemblage camera footage of nan encounter.

The police department initially said that officers ordered Perkins to driblet his limb and he refused. They later said that was incorrect and that nary specified bid was given.

Perkins’ family issued a connection saying that nan motortruck payments were up to day truthful nan conveyance shouldn’t person been towed.

Marquette was dismissed from nan constabulary unit aft nan shooting.