Ex-Israeli soldier bids to replace George Santos in key race, blasts Biden's 'irresponsible' border policy

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An Ethiopian-Israeli migrant who's been a harsh professional of nan Biden administration's separator policies is hoping to switch erstwhile GOP Rep. George Santos successful a intimately watched typical election. 

Mazi Pilip, R-N.Y., joined "Fox & Friends" Friday to telephone retired her Democratic opponent, erstwhile Rep. Tom Suozzi, for supporting unfastened borders during his erstwhile stint successful Congress from 2017 to 2023.

The 2 candidates, who will spell head-to-head successful a special predetermination connected Tuesday, traded barbs during a statement this week erstwhile asked astir a number of topics – including migration and abortion.

Suozzi, a erstwhile lawmaker successful nan House who unsuccessfully ran for politician of nan Empire State twice, and Pilip, a erstwhile Israel Defense Forces worker and comparative governmental newcomer serving arsenic a Republican region legislator, met look to look connected Long Island successful nan first and only statement successful nan typical predetermination for New York’s 3rd Congressional District.


Asked by a elector in nan district who attended nan statement what steps they would return to reside nan migrant situation successful New York City and nan effect it's having connected those who unrecorded successful nan district, Pilip replied, "Before we moreover reside nan rumor inside, we person to make judge first and foremost we request to unafraid nan border. After that, past we person to travel up pinch a plan. We person to cognize who's here. We don't moreover cognize who each those group are."

Pilip called retired her force for "causing nan separator crisis," saying that erstwhile Suozzi was successful Congress pinch nan Democratic majority, nan separator was "opened" by nan Biden administration. 

Pilip explained that she supports ineligible migration and is concerned astir "unvetted" individuals posing a threat to U.S. nationalist security. 

"I americium each astir bringing group present to springiness them nan opportunity to unrecorded nan American dream. It has to beryllium done correctly, nan measurement I did it. My husband, who came from Ukraine, came present legally. What they are doing, is truthful irresponsible successful galore ways," she told Steve Doocy, noting nan narcotics and guns brought crossed nan border.

Pilip said if she is sent to D.C., she will support nan impeachment against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The ballot to impeach Mayorkas fell short by a fewer votes, arsenic Santos' spot remains vacant aft his expulsion from nan House past December. 

"[Suozzi] grounded to protect nan American people. He should not beryllium there. And this is why this predetermination is truthful important. We person to person a beardown mostly to commencement to do nan correct things. Right now, they don't person it. This is astir redeeming our country. This is astir stopping nan delirium of nan Left Democratic Party [that's] putting nan American group astatine risk."

Suozzi fired backmost during nan statement by saying Pilip isn't offering solutions to nan separator crisis, criticizing Republicans who opposed a Senate bill to bolster separator information and supply assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. 

"She has nary solutions," he said. "There's a solution that's been projected successful nan United States Senate that would really build much wall, would get much separator agents, would woody pinch asylum seekers, would betterment nan laws to make it better, and would springiness money to nan authorities of New York and nan metropolis of New York to woody pinch nan migrant situation that we presently have."

A Siena College poll conducted for Newsday from Feb. 3 to Feb. 6 showed Suozzi starring Pilip 48% to 44% among apt voters. The typical predetermination is slated to return spot connected Feb. 13. Early voting began successful nan territory connected Feb. 3.

Fox News' Kyle Morris contributed to this report.