Ex-NFL star Matt Ryan: Falcons need to 'solidify the quarterback position,' Raheem Morris good hire

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Former Atlanta Falcons prima Matt Ryan said he wasn’t amazed nan squad decided to take Raheem Morris arsenic its adjacent caput coach and believes nan squad is conscionable a backmost distant from reaching its potential.

Morris won nan occupation complete Bill Belichick, who was interviewed doubly for nan job. Morris served arsenic nan interim coach for nan Falcons successful 2019 earlier Arthur Smith was hired. He past served arsenic nan Los Angeles Rams protect coordinator from 2021 to 2023 earlier coming backmost to Atlanta.

Ryan, who talked to Fox News Digital successful Las Vegas connected behalf of nan ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, had thing but bully things to opportunity astir Morris, particularly from nan clip erstwhile nan backmost was pinch Atlanta.


"I deliberation location was information to what Bill could bring to nan organization. But I’m not amazed that Raheem ended up backmost there. He was pinch america successful Atlanta for six years. I ever thought he was truthful good. He had coached each these different positions. He came successful for america connected nan protect broadside of nan shot and switched to offense, came backmost to defense and became nan interim caput coach. So, I saw him successful each of these different capacities. He was a feline that could coach anybody. He conscionable knows really to get nan champion of nan players.

Ryan said Morris besides has an advantage successful knowing nan statement from his past acquisition pinch nan Falcons.

"He besides understands nan organization," nan one-time MVP said. "Knows nan inner-workings of nan organization, which I deliberation is helpful. He’s sewage a awesome narration pinch Arthur Blank. I deliberation he’s a bully fresh successful Atlanta. I really judge that. I deliberation that’s a bully shot squad down location that needs to solidify nan backmost position, which I deliberation they’ll do this offseason, and I’m rooting for them."

The adjacent measurement is nan hardest part: trying to unlock nan imaginable of their young players.


The Falcons person budding stars connected nan discourtesy pinch Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts and Drake London. But they person switched quarterbacks from Marcus Mariota to Desmond Ridder to Taylor Heinicke.

Ryan said nan unit that Morris builds will beryllium key. The squad has named Zac Robinson its violative coordinator.

"I deliberation connected nan violative broadside of nan ball, you talk astir nan playmakers that they person connected nan outside: Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson successful nan backfield," Ryan said. "A really bully violative line, an violative statement that played good this past year. I deliberation it comes down to nan unit he’s putting together and what Zac Robinson tin do pinch those guys connected nan violative broadside of nan ball.

"I cognize Raheem is fired up astir Zac, and he has said aggregate times he reminds him of a young Kyle Shanahan, and Raheem was astir Kyle during his clip successful Washington and knows what it looks like. He’s really adjacent pinch Kyle. He’s sewage a bully knowing of what that process should look like. He feels assured successful Zac. Again, I deliberation it comes down to uncovering nan feline who tin administer nan shot and make it hap pinch each those guys."

Atlanta has been 7-10 for nan past 3 seasons. The Falcons narrowly missed a playoff berth successful 2023.

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