Former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh admits Super Bowl loss still 'haunts' him but 'motivates' him every day

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San Francisco 49ers caput coach Kyle Shanahan fielded questions astir his missteps successful erstwhile Super Bowls.

"No," Shanahan responded to a mobility past week astir whether he remains "haunted" by blowing a 28-3 lead against nan New England Patriots successful Super Bowl LI. "It hurts. It doesn't termination you. You understand what happened. You understand you tin grip it. You tin return it."

While Shanahan whitethorn not beryllium "haunted" by his timepiece guidance troubles erstwhile he was an violative coordinator successful that infamous large crippled aliases by his 4th fourth mistakes successful Super Bowl LIV erstwhile he was successful his 3rd play arsenic nan 49ers caput coach, he later described nan losses arsenic "heartbreaking."

"I've been capable to coach successful 2 Super Bowls and to suffer either of them, some of them are heartbreaking," Shanahan said. Meanwhile, a erstwhile Niners coach still carries immoderate regret for a akin heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat.


Current Los Angeles Chargers caput coach Jim Harbaugh antecedently served arsenic San Francisco's caput coach from 2011-14. He took nan Niners to Super Bowl XLVII, wherever they matched up pinch his brother, John, and nan Baltimore Ravens.


The 49ers went connected to suffer to the Ravens successful 2013. Although much than a decade has passed since Harbaugh watched his squad suffer nan devastating 34-31 loss, nan bid of events remains astatine nan forefront of nan coach's mind.

"There's astir apt not a time that goes by that I don't deliberation astir that crippled and what we could've done down astatine nan end, (seven) yards distant from getting into nan extremity zone," Harbaugh said successful Las Vegas, via nan Associated Press. "You time off that field, and you go, location mightiness beryllium different days. Then you commencement reasoning that mightiness beryllium nan only day. Just wanted different changeable astatine it, return different crack."

During Harbaugh's introductory property convention pinch nan Chargers, he admitted that nan Super Bowl nonaccomplishment fueled his desire to return to the NFL.

"When I opportunity it motivates maine each day, it's each day," he said successful reference to his shortcomings astatine nan master shot level. 

Harbaugh seems to specifically regret really nan Niners approached their fateful travel to nan reddish area successful nan 4th fourth of Super Bowl XLVII. San Francisco managed to climb backmost into nan crippled aft being down by 22 points astatine halftime. 

The Niners trailed by 5 points pinch 2 minutes remaining successful nan game. The 49ers had nan shot astatine nan Ravens' five-yard line. Harbaugh elected to walk nan shot connected second, 3rd and 4th down. San Francisco would not get nan shot backmost for nan remainder of nan game.

"I wish we would person tally nan ball, would person taken a ace pinch Frank Gore [with] a mates carries down there," Harbaugh told NBC Sports Bay Area connected Friday. "Woulda, coulda, should, it’s nan benignant of worldly that haunts you because you locomotion disconnected nan section and go, ‘There will beryllium different days,’ and you recognize that mightiness person been nan only day. And to person a chance to person different day, that’s each you tin inquire for is simply a chance."

Harbaugh's erstwhile squad will effort to triumph its sixth Super Bowl title successful franchise history today. The 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs play successful Super Bowl LVIII astatine 6:30 EST.

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