Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt, 93, euthanized 'hand in hand' with wife

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Dries van Agt, nan Christian Democrat premier curate of the Netherlands from 1977 until 1982, has died by euthanasia, "hand successful hand" together pinch his wife, according to nan quality authorities statement he founded. They some were 93.

The news was made nationalist connected Friday by The Rights Forum, which said nan mates died Monday and and would beryllium buried successful a backstage ceremonial successful nan eastbound metropolis of Nijmegen.

"He died manus successful manus pinch his beloved woman Eugenie van Agt-Krekelberg, nan support and anchor pinch whom he was together for much than 70 years and whom he ever continued to mention to arsenic ‘my girl,’" nan non-profit statement said successful a statement.


The 2 some had been successful vulnerable wellness for immoderate time. In 2019, Van Agt suffered a encephalon hemorrhage while giving a reside astatine a commemoration arena for Palestinians and ne'er afloat recovered.

A Christian Democrat from accepted Dutch stock, Van Agt became progressively progressive aft he departed politics, yet leaving his statement successful 2017 complete ideological differences pinch nan center-right Christian Democratic Appeal's attack to Israel and nan Palestinians.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who referred to Van Agt arsenic his "great-great-grandfather successful office," said highly of nan erstwhile politician.

"With his flowery and unsocial language, his clear convictions and his striking presentation, Dries van Agt gave colour and constituent to Dutch authorities successful a clip of polarization and statement renewal," Rutte said successful a statement.

The Dutch royal family besides praised him. "He took administrative work successful a turbulent clip and managed to animate galore pinch his striking characteristic and colorful style," King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix said successful a associated statement.

Van Agt was known for his archaic references and grandiose language, arsenic good arsenic his passion for cycling. He was forced to discontinue that hobby successful 2019 aft a fall.

Together pinch nan right-wing Liberal Party, nan Christian Democrat Appeal governed nan Netherlands pinch Van Agt arsenic premier curate from 1977 until 1981. After elections, he again became premier minister, forming a conjugation pinch nan Labor Party and nan centrist Democrats 66 successful a authorities that held for a year.

Following a sojourn to Israel successful 1999, he became progressively vocal astir his support for nan Palestinian people. He referred to his acquisition of nan travel arsenic a "conversion."

In 2009, he founded The Rights Forum, which advocates for a "just and sustainable Dutch and European argumentation regarding nan Palestine/Israel issue," according to nan non-profit organization.

He is survived by his 3 children.