Former Illinois senator's wire fraud and money laundering trial delayed again

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A national judge connected Monday further delayed nan ligament fraud and money laundering proceedings of William "Sam" McCann, a erstwhile campaigner for Illinois governor, aft McCann declared he was "medically and psychologically" incapable to proceed and dropped his scheme to correspond himself.

U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Lawless didn't bargain nan self-diagnosis of nan ex-lawmaker, who was hospitalized past week pinch thorax pains and fainting spells but discharged connected Wednesday. But aft a 2nd convention pinch his alleged standby attorney, Jason Vincent, McCann indicated he wanted Vincent to return complete and nan judge granted a one-day hold to let Vincent to corroborate a defense strategy pinch his client.

McCann, a erstwhile Republican authorities senator from Plainview who waged a 2018 third-party blimpish run for governor, was indicted successful February 2021 by erstwhile U.S. Attorney John Milhiser, who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump. McCann faces 7 counts of ligament fraud and azygous counts of money laundering and taxation evasion for allegedly converting hundreds of thousands of dollars of governmental run contributions to individual use.


In consequence to questioning by Lawless, McCann, who has been held successful a adjacent region jailhouse since his individual recognizance enslaved was revoked past Friday, said he had fallen overnight and was recovered by jailers early this morning.

"You inquire maine if I consciousness ready, no. I'm opinionated present successful situation clothes, I fell and deed my caput successful nan beforehand and nan back, I person terrible angina, but I'll adhere to immoderate you say," McCann said. "I don't consciousness medically aliases psychologically capable to proceed."

The 54-year-old McCann, who entered nan courtroom successful a instrumentality chair, was hospitalized past week aft passing retired and complaining of thorax pains, delaying nan scheduled Feb. 5 commencement to his trial. This was aft Lawless granted him a 60-day hold past November erstwhile he dismissed his lawyers and announced he wanted to correspond himself.

He was discharged past Wednesday aft doctors recovered nary problems pinch his heart. He told Lawless Monday he was uncertain of what medications he had been prescribed and had very small representation of events that occurred aft his discharge, including driving himself to Springfield connected Friday erstwhile his parole was revoked.

"From nan beginning, I person tried to springiness you an opportunity to correspond yourself, to comply pinch tribunal orders, to beryllium forthcoming pinch accusation and to beryllium honorable pinch nan court," Lawless said. "Now you're telling maine you drove present Friday and don't retrieve it and don't cognize why you don't retrieve it?"

McCann blamed nan nonaccomplishment of representation connected not having entree successful nan jailhouse to respective medications, including duloxetine, an antidepressant for which aesculapian lit recommends dosages beryllium stepped down alternatively than stopped cold. But nan authorities pointed retired that U.S. Marshals Service officers obtaining McCann's medications for his jailhouse enactment learned McCann had not taken duloxetine for 2 months.


McCann declined remark arsenic he was wheeled from nan courtroom.

"All of his actions bespeak he is coherent and afloat mentally tin of going astir immoderate business he has isolated from erstwhile he's earlier your honor," adjunct U.S. Attorney Timothy Bass told Lawless. "You person bent complete backward to guarantee he has a adjacent trial, but respectfully, astatine immoderate constituent you person to say, ‘Enough is enough.’"

Bass did not entity to a day's hold to assistance Vincent's mentation to return complete McCann's defense. Vincent said he was acquainted pinch grounds successful nan lawsuit but needed clip to talk proceedings technicalities, imaginable witnesses and really to cross-examine them and different ways McCann tin assistance him.