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What's Happening? 

- Ex-Hunter Biden subordinate testifies to House panel

- House prepares to ballot connected Biden separator main impeachment

- New York's 3rd territory voting connected a replacement for ex-Rep George Santos

Democrats person overwhelmingly backed President Biden's 2024 re-election. But nan damaging study released past week by Special Counsel Robert Hur has breathed caller life into nan belief that nan statement will ultimately switch him arsenic nominee up of nan 2024 wide election.

Here are 5 of nan apical names being mentioned arsenic a imaginable replacement for Biden should he determine — aliases is pressured — not to tally for a 2nd term:

1. California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Democrat strategists and members of nan media continually mention him arsenic a early statesmanlike hopeful, but that early could travel sooner alternatively than later should Biden's plans change.

2. Vice President Harris

Harris' statesmanlike ambitions person been known since her first unsuccessful tally for nan White House successful 2020, erstwhile she grounded to summation support complete her Democrat superior opponents, including Biden. Despite her debased support standing and predominant gaffes arsenic vice president, she continues to insist she's "ready to serve" arsenic commandant successful chief, if necessary.

3. Former first woman Michelle Obama

Obama has been 1 of nan much astonishing names floated arsenic a imaginable replacement for Biden, considering her deficiency of governmental experience. But she remains celebrated to Democrats, and erstwhile statesmanlike campaigner Vivek Ramaswamy keeps floating nan possibility.

4. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Despite declining a tally for nan White House, Whitmer appeared to time off nan doorway unfastened for a early statesmanlike tally aft her convincing re-election triumph during nan 2022 midterm elections, a twelvemonth that was expected to beryllium a difficult 1 for Democrats.

5. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear

Beshear has been seen arsenic a rising prima wrong nan statement fixed his position arsenic 1 of nan astir celebrated governors successful nan country, contempt being a Democrat starring a reddish state. That position grew pursuing a big re-election triumph past year complete then-Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who was considered a rising GOP star.

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