GOP Rep Zinke alleges husband of primary opponent punched staff member

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Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., connected Monday alleged that nan hubby of his superior force assaulted 1 of his unit members during a campaign event complete nan weekend, a declare his force vehemently denied.

In a connection posted connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, Zinke said Rick Todd, nan hubby of his opponent, Mary Todd, was seen destroying and removing run worldly from an arena abstraction astatine nan Montana GOP kickoff successful Helena. 

Mary Todd's run has since denied Zinke's allegations.

Zinke said unit told Rick Todd to time off and he "grew aggressive," forcibly pulling a motion from his staff’s hands while yelling astatine them and different witnesses. 

Zinke alleged that Rick Todd past punched 1 of his unit members, while yelling astatine others who were trying to get him to locomotion away. 

Zinke cited witnesses arsenic saying Rick Todd "aggressively approached" his staff, "apologizing for his actions while being told again by arena organizers to please time off my unit alone." 


Per Zinke’s telling, Mary Todd past approached his unit and admitted her husband’s guilt, telling his unit and witnesses that is "wrong and shameful" for her hubby to person assaulted 1 of Zinke’s unit members. 

"This is not nan first clip Mr. Todd has acted aggressively connected nan run trail," Zinke said. "During nan 2022 campaign, he verbally accosted my woman and my female staff. This behaviour is simply unacceptable." 

Zinke said he was not going to press charges, believing nan section "is amended resolved pinch a individual apology."  

Todd's run told Fox News Digital successful a connection that Zinke's allegations were "categorically mendacious and defamatory."

"After nan Congressional Primary of 2022, my hubby Rick and I did donate 2 $1000 checks to Ryan Zinke’s campaign," nan run said. "We besides hosted a money raiser successful our home, successful his honor. What nan Zinke run is calling 'campaign material' is 1 of our checks which they enlarged and publically displayed astatine nan GOP wintertime Kick-Off successful Helena. My hubby was understandably upset because our backstage accusation was connected display. He did not punch anyone. Zinke, connected nan different hand, resorted to slanderous lies."

Fox News Digital reached retired to Zinke's run for further comment.