Greeks gather by the thousands in protest of same-sex marriage bill

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More than 1,500 protesters gathered successful cardinal Athens connected Sunday to reason authorities that would legalize same-sex matrimony successful Greece. The measure is group for a ballot successful parliament successful days.

Greece’s blimpish government is sponsoring nan measure but it will require votes from halfway and near guidance parties to beryllium approved. However, moreover immoderate center-left lawmakers person gone connected grounds arsenic opposing nan bill.

Organizers of Sunday’s rally — belief groups — described nan measure arsenic a threat to nan accepted family. Many of nan protesters chanted "hands disconnected our children."


"Unfortunately, nan woke schedule has besides reached Greece and that schedule includes nan matrimony of homosexuals," Dimitris Natsios, leader of nan far-right and powerfully belief Niki statement told nan Associated Press.

"Greece is simply a Christian Orthodox state and our contented does not let this. ... We cognize and respect 1 type of marriage: The Orthodox Christian wedding. Our Constitution besides does not supply for this, truthful this measure is unconstitutional and runs antagonistic to our religion successful Christ," Natsios said.

The Niki party, founded successful 2019, entered Parliament successful 2023. In nan astir caller election, successful June, it came successful sixth, pinch 3.70% of nan ballot and elected 10 lawmakers to nan 300-member assembly.

Many same-sex couples in Greece seeking to commencement a family presently get joined successful countries wherever same-sex weddings are legal.

Greece has legalized "cohabitation contracts" for same-sex couples since December 2015. It besides allowed activity personality alteration by elemental declaration without mandating psychiatric information and activity reassignment room successful October 2017.

If nan measure is approved, Greece would go nan first mostly Orthodox state to legalize same-sex marriage.