GREG GUTFELD: Biden's anti-Trump tantrum has become the defining feature of his presidency

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Yes. I emotion you too. I emotion you and I emotion you. Happy Wednesday everyone. So retrieve those stories you perceive astir a firefighter who sets a occurrence truthful he tin thrust successful and prevention nan day, but alternatively nan location burns down. That reminds maine of Joe and nan border. He torches nan border, and now we're expected to spot nan aforesaid feline who started this raging blaze to put it out? You know, it's for illustration believing O.J. erstwhile he said he was going to find his wife's killer.

TYRUS: He's still looking.

Yes. He is. So do we springiness him much matches and gas, aliases look for personification pinch a occurrence extinguisher and a pulse? That's nan mobility Joe Biden asked America yesterday during a reside that reminded maine of Winston Churchill, chiefly because Winston Churchill is besides dead.


PRESIDENT BIDEN TUESDAY: All indications are this measure won't moreover move guardant to nan Senate floor. Why? A elemental logic Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump thinks it's bad for him politically... He'd alternatively weaponize this rumor than really lick it... Trump and nan MAGA Republicans said nary because they're acrophobic of Donald Trump, acrophobic of Donald Trump... Republicans person to determine who do they serve? Donald Trump aliases nan American people... Every time betwixt now and November, nan American group are going to cognize that nan only logic nan separator is not unafraid is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends... Folks, we've sewage to move past this toxic politics.

That is amazing. First of all, he asks, who do nan Republicans serve? This is nan man wearing nan Ukrainian flag because they gave money to his kid. Who do you serve? But nan short word buzz of this woke posturing inevitably gave measurement to nan reality hangover that was visible yesterday connected nan president's face. Look astatine him. It's achy to watch. It's sewage to nan constituent that now Joe conscionable barks MAGA whenever he can't make a existent argument. Lucky for him, it's only 2 syllables. Even luckier, Trump is only one, but it's his reply for everything. He's for illustration a activity addict who only knows 1 position, and we're nan ones getting screwed. 

But it seems thing has yet dawned connected Joe that spiteful anti-Trump fight he threw erstwhile he took office, reversing astir 90 Trump-era separator policies has now go nan defining characteristic of his administration, and he's go a melting, angry crystal sculpture. And past there's Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas. Sorry, it's difficult to springiness a thumbs up to a man who looks for illustration a thumb. He's grounded miserably to take sides our borders. So erstwhile nan House of Representatives voted Tuesday evening to impeach him, it should person been what fig skaters telephone a slam dunk, but 3 Republicans, these fellows correct present connected your screen, joined nan Dems successful voting against what would person been nan 2nd ever impeachment of a sitting furniture official.


So constitute down those names truthful you tin ballot against them, aliases astatine slightest motion them up connected Grindr. Our assemblage doesn't cognize Grindr and bully for you. Mike Gallagher posted connected X why he voted against impeachment: "Creating a new, little modular for impeachment... Will group a vulnerable caller precedent that will beryllium weaponized against early Republican administrations. It will only further pry unfastened nan Pandora's container of perpetual impeachment..." So you get this, people. Those GOP defectors didn't ballot to impeach Trump and didn't ballot to impeach because it would lead to nan Dems doing it arsenic well. Do we unrecorded successful nan twilight zone, sir Gallagher? The Dems already impeached Trump not once, but twice. Did we already hide that. Is Biden's dementia contagious? Does MAGA now guidelines for Making Alzheimer's Great Again? What an argument. We don't want to deed them because they'll deed america back. Well, past why are you successful nan damn ring? You're fighting for us, remember?

Anyway, Republicans opportunity they'll effort their manus astatine impeaching Mayorkas again, possibly successful a fewer years erstwhile our confederate separator starts astatine Nebraska. Yeah, but for illustration I told my adjunct erstwhile she wanted a time disconnected for her mother's funeral, don't clasp your breath. But it's not really astir Mayorkas, it's astir Joe. We wouldn't person this situation had Biden not rescinded Trump's separator policies and conscionable near Remain successful Mexico successful place. He prefers his argumentation of stay successful basement instead. The problem pinch yesterday was that it ignored 1 un-ignorable fact, this disaster was not occurring nether Trump, and that nan Republican House now are arsenic anemic arsenic Jerry Nadler sphincter. If there's 1 point constitution Republicans emotion to do, it's suffer gracefully, but arsenic they lose, truthful do we. Cash strapped section governments are now spending billions for nan attraction and feeding of caller arrivals, pinch nary activity permits and constricted occupation skills and little respect for nan rule than Ilhan Omar connected her wedding night.

TYRUS: Damn.

I don't moreover cognize what that means. The video of 2 NYPD cops assaulted by Venezuelan thugs exposes nan rumor that Dems had branded racist conscionable for bringing it up. Migrant crime. So Venezuela empties its prisons and we get a crime wave. What did you expect? They collapsed nan laws successful their ain country, and now they're free to roam successful a bigger, richer country. It's for illustration offering a free bucket of fried Twinkies and past shocked that Joy Behar shows up. On nan overseas argumentation front, Biden's decided to nexus securing nan separator to backing for overseas wars. Now, fto maine get this straight. Russia's astatine warfare pinch Ukraine. Hamas terrorists slaughtered Israeli citizens. Oh, yeah, Joe, it's Hamas.


PRESIDENT BIDEN TUESDAY: There is immoderate activity and I don't want, I don't want to, good possibly take my words. There's immoderate movement, there's been a consequence from the, there's been a consequence from nan opposition, but umm, yes, I'm sorry, from Hamas.

KAT TIMPF: Oh my God.

Quick, personification get smelling salts and past put them successful a small girl's hair. That's not good. That is truthful not good. At slightest he didn't opportunity utmost MAGA Republicans. It's Hamas, you dumb ass. Maybe easiness up connected nan embalming fluid. It's not moreover funny anymore, really, I consciousness bad saying that because I, this is terrible. But those words mean America apparently doesn't get a confederate border. If anybody tin explicate to maine really this works. I promised to springiness you Brian Kilmeade's, location telephone number. He goes to furniture astatine 8:30. So these countries, they person ineffable borders, but America's looks for illustration Walmart connected a Black Friday. Of course, nan experts will say, look, man, you sewage to conflict nan bad guys complete location truthful they don't travel here. Fine, I get that. But why not make it harder for them to get successful present earlier they fly from nan wars that we are fighting there?

I know, I know. It makes excessively overmuch sense, for illustration muting your TV whenever Jesse's on. The truth is, a separator situation is for illustration luminol for nan crime segment that is nan Biden administration. It's detecting humor each over, and Joe's alibi is holding up astir arsenic good arsenic nan separator itself. Thanks to his incurable TDS, Joe has managed to make our separator arsenic incontinent arsenic he is. Can he extremity nan travel astatine all? I stake we'll get nan aforesaid aged answer, Depends.