GREG GUTFELD: It's become an industry for race hustlers to find racism in everything

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Happy Thursday everybody. All right, oh, convey you. It's nan Girl Scouts complete there. We'll get to encephalon dormant Biden successful a minute, if I remember. But first, retrieve past twelvemonth erstwhile sports tract Deadspin posted a pic of a Kansas City Chiefs fan showing only half his face, nan look painted black, implying he's successful blackface and frankincense a horrible racist. In reality, his different feature was painted red. Those were his squad colors, but Deadspin didn't show you that. Here's a flashback.

GREG GUTFELD NOVEMBER 29: Instead of getting nan support that astir woke media Karens mostly bask in, nan scumbag writer had to look nan caller Community Notes usability of Elon Musk's X. In grounds time, organization notes showed nan kids afloat photo, not conscionable nan half painted black... And now, acknowledgment to a made up complaint of blackface, nan folks astatine Deadspin are blameworthy of ovum face.


Hahahahahahaha! And I support getting younger. So Deadspin tried to backtrack, adding a half assed apology: "Unfortunately, nan article drew attraction to nan fan, though were intended attraction was connected nan NFL and its checkered history connected race..." **** **** it was each astir nan fan! He had painted squad colors connected his face, but past you painted a target connected his life, but now that nine-year-old boy's family is suing Deadspin for "maliciously and wantonly" attacking nan child, alleging Deadspin's "race-drenched governmental agenda." And nan communicative is moreover much hilarious, successful that nan kid is besides a personnel of nan Chumash Tribe. Join nan club, said 1 senator. Right? Easy. But it doesn't look bully for Deadspin, nan writer Carron J. Phillips and nan institution G/O Media, which owns Deadspin. My only dream is that small Chiefs instrumentality gets capable money to bargain Deadspin and move it into a pickleball court, if it's possible.

The truth is, group smears now person consequences. You can't put retired a race-drenched governmental schedule and expect that nan victims won't inevitably conflict back, but wherever did this benignant of punitive ideology travel from? Well, you tin blasted nan title hustling manufacture and among its leaders is simply a very white female named Robin DiAngelo. Robin's declare to fame is her book, White Fragility. In 2018, she describes it arsenic this, it's "a authorities successful which moreover a minimal situation to nan achromatic position becomes intolerable, triggering a scope of protect moves including: argumentation, invalidation, silence, withdrawal, and claims of being attacked and misunderstood." Meaning, if you're achromatic and I telephone you racist and you disagree, you are fragile, which makes you moreover much racist. So it's a full suffer lose situation, for illustration choosing betwixt Jesse Watters Primetime and Jesse Watters immoderate time. Ha ha. Yeah, each for that joke.


And successful 1 training session, she said this, "to beryllium little achromatic is to: beryllium little oppressive, little arrogant, little certain, little defensive, little ignorant, much humble." But by that criteria, she must beryllium nan whitest achromatic personification to ever whiten nan earth. Why does a achromatic female deliberation achromatic group request her thief anyway? Isn't that arrogant and nan other of humble? I thought this wide was against achromatic saviors. Unless, of course, it's her and she's making a buck. But isn't it weird really anti-racism ever ends up being other racist? It's a solution that makes things worse. You know, for illustration a vaccine that makes your bosom autumn out. But opportunity what you want astir her lazy, stupid worldview, she has a beardown financial inducement to support up pinch this divisive crap. In 2021, she was making much than $700K a twelvemonth from speaking gigs, book sales, firm diverseness consulting and getting $14K per lecture. Well, I dream she's donating each that to reparations aliases astatine slightest buying Joy Reid a caller wig. 

So what's Robin up to now? Well, present she is explaining nan azygous image that captures nan conception of achromatic supremacy.


ROBIN DIANGELO: The azygous image I usage to seizure nan conception of achromatic supremacy is, is, Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel, God creating man. You know, wherever God is successful a cloud, and there's each these angels and he's reaching retired and he's touching, I don't cognize who that is, David aliases something. And God is achromatic and David is white, and nan angels are white, for illustration that, that is nan cleanable convergence of achromatic supremacy patriarchy.

She's for illustration a robot. She confused David and Adam conscionable because they're some white. I conjecture we all, we each look alike.

TYRUS: You each look alike!


TYRUS: So damn confused...

Yeah. First of all, nan coating is called The Creation of Adam. The title mightiness clasp a hint arsenic to nan personality of nan personification being created and if you deliberation astir it, God doesn't person a race, you idiot. He's decidedly a man, though, because connected nan seventh time he rested. A female would spell shopping.

ANNOUNCER: A sexist would say!


Yeah, of people DiAngelo will opportunity she shouldn't request to cognize thing astir history aliases creation because it's conscionable achromatic supremacy and really convenient that is for her. She tin churn retired untethered idiocy without doing immoderate existent activity whatsoever. But thankfully, those superb useful of creation will beryllium remembered agelong aft Robin's gone. That is, if we don't each dice successful nan Civil War she's pushing. But what different useful of creation tin we deem bigoted, sexist, racist aliases transphobic? I mean, look intimately astatine nan celebrated coating The Last Supper. Not a achromatic personification successful sight. And what astir Rodin's The Thinker? He's evidently reasoning astir ways he tin support nan achromatic man down, aliases Edvard Munch's The Scream. He's intelligibly upset because he saw Tyrus utilizing his condo's pool. 

Because if you tin find racism successful nan Sistine Chapel, you tin find it anywhere, and that's nan grift of group for illustration Robin DiAngelo, Ibram Kendi, BLM, Joy Reid, you create an endless proviso of racism moreover though there's nary request for it. And you tin moreover find it successful a child's adorable painted face. With much than $9 cardinal spent successful 2022 unsocial connected diversity, equity and inclusion, it's go an manufacture for title hustlers incentivized to find title successful everything. 

And it's each connected, by reducing quality beings to their immutable characteristics, title obsessed snake lipid salesmen do america each a sedate disservice while lining their ain pockets. But now that Deadspin is connected nan hook for doing precisely what she does, she whitethorn commencement seeing her speaking gigs dwindle. And if she complains, well, it's mighty achromatic of her and by her rules that makes her a racist.