'He Gets Us' Jesus Super Bowl Ad campaign welcomes criticism over polarizing ads: 'Very reassuring'

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The agency down nan viral Jesus advertisements that played during Sunday night's Super Bowl explained why it welcomes contention surrounding their campaign, aft nan ads drew backlash from some nan correct and near connected societal media.

He Gets Us, a run that says it wants to thief everyone "rediscover nan emotion communicative of Jesus," organized 2 advertisement spots during the crippled Sunday; a 60-second advertisement called "Foot Washing," and a 15-second advertisement called "Who is my Neighbor?"

Spokesperson and BrandHaven president Jason Vanderground told Fox News Digital that nan ads were meant to induce group intrigued by Jesus' "unconditional love, kindness and generosity" to research his message. The run besides sought to "disrupt" "preconceived notions" astir Jesus and Christianity, he said.

"Foot Washing" shows improbable persons washing others' feet, including a constabulary serviceman washing a young Black man's feet, and a pro-life activistic washing nan feet of a female extracurricular a family readying clinic. It ends pinch nan slogan, "Jesus didn't thatch hate. He washed feet."


"Who Is My Neighbor?" shows images of group from various backgrounds, including a bum female begging for money. The advertisement ends by describing nan neighbour arsenic nan 1 you don't "notice, worth aliases welcome."

Vanderground said this year's ads were crafted pinch the predetermination year successful mind but were not intended to beryllium political.

"We spot conscionable a batch of divisiveness, but we besides spot isolation and worry moving high," he said. "As we look back, done Scripture, we were looking astatine what would beryllium nan unsocial connection of Jesus into an situation for illustration this."

Last year, nan run spent $20 cardinal connected 2 Super Bowl advertisements that showed Jesus arsenic personification pinch empathy for immigrants and nan poor, who was besides tired of nan section of politics, Fox News Digital previously reported. This year, nan attraction shifted to what "loving your neighbor" really looked like, Vanderground explained.

"What we're trying to connection group is this invitation from Jesus to, moreover if they person differences, moreover if they person different beliefs and powerfully held convictions, that there's still a measurement that we tin dainty each different that transcends each of that. And it's really very adjuvant for america arsenic Americans," he continued.


The run spokesperson touted nan ads' impact, calling it "the largest run for Jesus we've ever seen."

Their tract has surpassed complete 700,000 views since nan game, he said, adding that they've had higher engagement and much group signing up for their Bible reference plans. 

"We're conscionable benignant of [trying] to springiness group —a glimpse into, ‘What is nan Jesus way?’ And we're trying to really disrupt their preconceived notions astir Jesus and a batch of times their views of Christianity to say, ‘Here is this personification who lived and demonstrated perfectly for us, unconditional love, extremist forgiveness, grace and kindness," Vanderground said.

Some blimpish Christians person criticized nan ads connected societal media, saying they missed nan people astatine best, and were blasphemous astatine worst.

The ads besides faced attacks from nan left, because nan family who owns craft shop Hobby Lobby reportedly helped money nan campaign.

Vanderground said he recovered nan pushback, "actually, very reassuring."

"A batch of times, we're trying to put retired specified a disruptive connection astir Jesus wherever group are changing their knowing of who he was and what it intends to travel him that galore times we do get that reaction, that group from each sides are taken aback by it astatine nan beginning," he began.

"But nan much they really research our message, nan much they publication astir it connected nan website, I find that different Christians are saying, ‘That’s nan Gospels.' So we do spot astatine nan Last Supper, for a Christian, there's Jesus, connected each fours washing nan feet of Judas, who's going to deny him, washing Peter's feet, who's going to contradict him. He wasn't making choices location astatine nan array astir whose feet he was going to wash," he said. "We deliberation that that's thing that we tin return and use today."

He Gets Us besides addressed critics connected nan near who based on nan millions of dollars spent connected a Super Bowl advertisement would've been amended spent helping nan poor.

"The opportunity to put nan connection of Jesus connected show successful nan mediate of nan biggest taste arena that we person and to make his emotion clear and past induce group into exploring much and reference nan Bible — We consciousness for illustration that's a awesome finance because that's going to unleash each kinds of generosity," Vanderground explained. 

That generosity was further displayed successful a organization work arena He Gets Us organized successful Vegas connected Saturday pinch a section faith-based nonprofit and nan University of Nevada Las Vegas. Organizations pinch different beliefs teamed up to springiness distant bags of nutrient and supply wellness services for underserved communities, he said.

This year's ads were funded by a caller nonprofit statement called Come Near, which is not affiliated pinch "any azygous individual, governmental position, church, aliases religion denomination," according to nan He Gets Us website.

Come Near's CEO is Ken Calwell, who was antecedently Chief Marketing Officer astatine Compassion International. He besides worked for years arsenic an executive successful nan nutrient industry, astir precocious arsenic nan CEO of Papa Murphy's Pizza.

Fox News' Landon Mion contributed to this report.