How Taylor Swift’s lucky number 13 connects her to Travis Kelce and the Super Bowl

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A victor past play astatine nan Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift took nan opportunity to punctual nan crowd that this peculiar triumph was 1 of significance.

"This is my 13th Grammy. Which is my fortunate number. I don't cognize if I've ever told you that," she said connected shape earlier announcing nan merchandise of her next album. 

It's wide documented that nan vocalist has an affinity for those digits.

It's almost arsenic good reported arsenic her narration pinch Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce, who will play successful nan Super Bowl Sunday.


In an question and reply pinch MTV News from 2009, Swift explained why she often drew nan number 13 connected her manus earlier performances. 

"I was calved connected nan 13th. I turned 13 connected Friday nan 13th. My first medium went golden successful 13 weeks. My first No. 1 opus had a 13-second intro," she revealed. 

"Every clip I've won an grant I've been seated successful either nan 13th seat, nan 13th row, nan 13th conception aliases statement M, which is nan 13th letter."

Although her hands person not been inscribed arsenic of late, it's go truthful synonymous pinch Swift that fans are often photographed astatine her concerts pinch a likewise painted 13 connected their hands.

Thirteen has go moreover much prevalent successful speech this week conscionable up of the Super Bowl. As Swift prepares to watch her fellow Kelce and his squad return connected nan San Francisco 49ers Sunday, fans person deemed 13 integral to this year's large game.

Here are a fewer of nan circumstances that link Swift's fortunate number to her main man and nan most-watched arena of nan year.

This year's Super Bowl astatine Allegiant Stadium successful Las Vegas is nan 58th successful its history. Keen-eyed fans noticed that erstwhile you adhd 5 to 8, you get 13.

Fans besides noticed that nan day of this year's Super Bowl is Feb. 11, which tin beryllium written arsenic 2/11. Two positive 11 equals 13.

Additionally, nan squad facing nan Chiefs is the 49ers. Take 4 and adhd it to nine, and you get Swift's fortunate 13. 


Swifties, incuding a satirical mates connected TikTok, besides noticed nan seeding of nan 2 teams successful nan Super Bowl. The 49ers vanished arsenic nan No. 1 seed successful nan NFC, while nan Chiefs were nan No. 3 seed successful nan AFC. Put them adjacent to each different and you person Swift's number.

Swift's attendance astatine nan Super Bowl will besides beryllium her 13th crippled watching Kelce play. She attended 12 of his erstwhile regular-season and playoff games since September.

Fox News Digital confirmed earlier past week that Swift would beryllium attending nan Super Bowl, which was up successful nan aerial owed to her rigorous touring schedule and a bid of performances successful Tokyo, Japan, conscionable 1 time earlier nan championship.

A formation from Tokyo to Las Vegas takes astir 13 hours.