How to get your TV game-ready for the Super Bowl

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Get fresh for nan Super Bowl this Sunday arsenic nan San Francisco 49ers look nan Kansas City Chiefs astatine Allegiant Stadium connected nan Las Vegas strip.

You don’t want to settee for a mediocre TV experience.

So, it's clip to study really to amended your existent TV setup aliases upgrade to a caller one earlier crippled day.


If you’re already contented pinch your existent TV and setup and conscionable want to cogwheel up for nan game, beneath are nan apical 5 ways to heighten your viewing experience:

Services for illustration Paramount+ connection nan expertise to stream nan Super Bowl this year. You’ll want to make judge you don’t suffer nan crippled successful 2 ways:

Make judge you’re utilizing a wired relationship to nan net if possible. That way, you’re not depending connected a Wi-Fi signal, which whitethorn beryllium impacted by really galore group are complete astatine your location for nan crippled and utilizing your Wi-FI for their devices aliases who other is streaming elsewhere successful your home. On that note, make judge you’re maximizing bandwidth by making judge your kids aliases spouse isn’t streaming successful higher resolutions while nan crippled is on.


The crippled is nan astir celebrated point to watch that Sunday, truthful if you’ve sewage spotty sum and are concerned astir drops successful service, you should person a measurement to broadcast nan crippled traditionally (aka "over nan air"), truthful support an antenna ready.

While nan image value often steals nan show erstwhile it comes to watching nan Super Bowl, sound value tin heighten aliases diminish nan experience. Most TVs these days person audio settings, which, if adjusted, tin really heighten nan crippled acquisition successful your home. If you’re much willing successful nan commentary, past you tin set nan sound to boost nan dialogue.

In astir TVs, you tin usually find nan audio presets and adjustments nether "Setting," past "Audio" or "Sound."

There, you tin play astir pinch nan treble, bass and equalizer. Some of nan presets, specified as "movie," heighten speech aliases "standard" to level retired nan commentary. Sometimes, it is worthy checking to make judge nan bass is astatine optimal levels, arsenic having it excessively precocious tin origin distortion. On nan different hand, if you for illustration to perceive each effect of each play, you tin move connected nan bass ‘just so’ to adhd to nan drama.


To make judge that friends down those huddled successful beforehand of nan TV tin bask nan crippled conscionable arsenic much, cheque nan image value of your set.

For LEDs, if it seems excessively acheronian aliases dim, move up nan backlight control, which tin summation nan brightness down nan LCD screen.

For OLEDs, alternatively of conscionable turning up nan brightness, move up nan OLED ray setting. Additionally, make judge you move disconnected nan power saver aliases auto-brightness power settings earlier crippled day, arsenic it tin effect surface brightness.

Some TVs travel pinch smoothing aliases dejudder settings, sometimes referred to arsenic nan "Soap Opera effect." It tin beryllium adjuvant to set this mounting aliases move it disconnected aliases on, depending connected your preference, earlier nan game. On 1 hand, it could soft retired motions made connected nan section aliases create excessively overmuch distraction by creating graphical trails from accelerated motions.

If you were conscionable waiting for an excuse to upgrade your TV setup for crippled day, hold nary more. Here are 5 things to look for successful a new TV. 

1) Screen size and resolution: You want a TV that tin show nan crippled successful precocious meaning and has a ample capable surface to bask nan action from immoderate angle. Look for TVs that person astatine slightest 4K solution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and a surface size of 55 inches aliases more. Some TVs besides connection 8K solution (7680 x 4320 pixels) for moreover much detail, but they are much costly and not wide available.

2) Refresh complaint and mobility handling: You want a TV that tin grip fast-moving scenes without blurring aliases stuttering. Look for TVs that person a precocious refresh complaint (the number of times nan surface updates per second) and a debased input lag (the clip it takes for nan TV to respond to your commands). A refresh complaint of 120 Hz aliases much and an input lag of 15 sclerosis aliases little are perfect for gaming and sports. Some TVs besides person features for illustration adaptable refresh complaint (VRR) and car debased latency mode (ALLM) that tin set nan refresh complaint and input lag dynamically according to nan content.


3) HDR and colour performance: You want a TV that tin present vivid and realistic colors and contrast. Look for TVs that support precocious move scope (HDR) formats for illustration HDR10, Dolby Vision, aliases HDR10+. These formats tin heighten nan brightness, contrast, and colour scope of nan image. Also, look for TVs that person a wide colour gamut (the scope of colors nan TV tin produce) and precocious colour accuracy (how adjacent nan colors are to nan original source).

4) Sound value and features: You want a TV that tin nutrient clear and immersive sound. Look for TVs that person a bully sound strategy pinch aggregate speakers and a subwoofer. Some TVs besides person features for illustration Dolby Atmos aliases DTS:X that tin create a situation sound effect pinch overhead and directional audio. Alternatively, you tin besides link your TV to a soundbar aliases a location theatre strategy for a amended audio experience.

5) Smart features and connectivity: You want a TV that tin watercourse your favourite apps and services and link to your different devices. Look for TVs that person a smart level for illustration Android TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, aliases webOS. These platforms tin connection a assortment of apps and services for illustration Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Max, Disney+, YouTube and more.

Also, look for TVs that person aggregate HDMI ports and USB ports to link your gaming consoles, streaming devices, soundbars, and different peripherals. Some TVs besides person features for illustration sound control, AirPlay, Chromecast aliases Miracast that tin fto you power your TV aliases formed contented from your smartphone aliases tablet. 

Check retired really to people a awesome woody connected a TV earlier nan Super Bowl.

There is really nary bad measurement to bask nan large crippled this year, but if you want to maximize your crippled viewing experience, location are galore ways to heighten your existent setup. And, of course, if you request an excuse to splurge, location are immoderate apical contenders that fresh nan bill. If you are splurging, do retrieve that nan costs of these units doesn’t see nan costs of installation. Some of these TVs request to beryllium mounted for champion viewing, which mightiness incur further costs.

Do you salary attraction to each these specifications earlier crippled day, aliases do you conscionable move connected nan group and get mislaid successful nan crippled nary matter what? What are your plans for this year’s Super Bowl game? Let america cognize by penning america at

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