Hunter Biden's ex-associate Tony Bobulinski heads to Capitol Hill this week to testify in impeachment inquiry

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Tony Bobulinski, a erstwhile business subordinate of Hunter Biden, is expected to attest down closed doors connected Capitol Hill Tuesday arsenic nan latest witnesser successful nan House impeachment enquiry against President Biden.

A root acquainted pinch nan readying first told Fox News Digital that Bobulinski will look connected Tuesday, Feb. 13, astatine 10 a.m. for a transcribed question and reply earlier some nan House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. 

The grounds could past 8 hours, according to nan source.

Bobulinski, who worked pinch Hunter Biden to create nan joint-venture SinoHawk Holdings pinch Chinese power institution CEFC, said he met pinch Joe Biden successful 2017. 

Bobulinski, successful December, demanded Biden "stop lying" astir that gathering and called connected him to "correct nan record."

"Why is Joe Biden blatantly lying to nan American group and nan world by claiming that he did not meet pinch maine look to face?" Bobulinski told Fox News Digital successful a statement. "He should telephone his boy Hunter and relative Jim arsenic they tin punctual him of nan facts. The American group merit nan truth!"


He added: "I telephone connected Mr. Biden to extremity lying and correct nan record."

Bobulinski said he is simply a "former dressed up Naval Officer who was consenting to dice for this awesome state and held nan highest information clearance issued by nan Department of Energy."

Bobulinski worked pinch Hunter Biden to create nan associated task SinoHawk Holdings pinch Chinese power institution CEFC.

Despite Biden’s caller denials of engagement pinch his son’s business dealings, matter messages making love backmost to May 2017 uncover that Biden met pinch Bobulinski months aft he near nan vice president's office. Fox News Digital first reported connected nan matter messages and that gathering successful October 2020.

"Mrng plse fto maine knw if we will do early meal w your Uncle & dada and where, besides for archive translator do you want it elemental Chinese aliases traditional?" Bobulinski texted Hunter Biden connected May 2, 2017.

"Not judge connected meal yet and immoderate is nan astir communal for a Chinese ineligible DOC," Hunter Biden replied.

"Chinese ineligible docs tin beryllium both, i’ll make it traditional," Bobulinski said.

Hunter replied: "Dad not successful now until 11 – let’s maine I and Jim meet astatine 10 astatine Beverly Hilton wherever he’s staying."


Later, Bobulinski sent a matter to Jim Biden, Joe Biden's brother, connected nan aforesaid day, May 2, 2017, saying: "Great to meet u and walk immoderate clip together, please convey Joe for his time, was awesome to talk thx Tony b."

The pursuing day, May 3, 2017, Bobulinski sent different matter to Jim Biden, saying: "Morning, please fto maine cognize each group for things this mrng. I don't person credentials to get into Milken truthful conscionable want to make judge not an rumor to get maine in, wherever should we meet this mrng?" 

"Milken" was successful reference to nan 2017 Global Conference, which, successful part, was held at nan Beverly Hilton Hotel, according to the program directory. 

Joe Biden, connected May 3, 2017, said astatine the conference, hosting "A Conversation pinch nan 47th Vice President of nan United States Joe Biden." 

The gathering connected May 2, 2017, would person taken spot conscionable 11 days earlier nan now-infamous May 13, 2017, email, which included a chat of "remuneration packages" for six group successful a business woody pinch a Chinese energy firm. The email appeared to place Biden arsenic "Chair / Vice Chair depending connected statement pinch CEFC," successful a reference to now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.


The email includes a statement that "Hunter has immoderate agency expectations he will elaborate." A projected equity divided references "20" for "H" and "10 held by H for nan large guy?" pinch nary further details.

Bobulinski has many times said "the large guy" was Joe Biden. IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who claimed that authorities had influenced nan years-long national investigation into Hunter Biden, besides said "the large guy" was known to beryllium Joe Biden.

The president, successful December, was asked whether he had communicated pinch his son's business partners. The mobility came aft Fox News Digital first reported that IRS whistleblowers turned complete metadata to nan House Ways & Means Committee revealing that he had utilized an email othername to pass hundreds of times pinch Hunter Biden and his business subordinate Eric Schwerin during his clip arsenic vice president. 

"I did not, they’re lies. It’s a bunch of lies," Biden said Wednesday astatine nan White House.

Bobulinski past twelvemonth suggested that he and President Biden, Hunter Biden and James Biden "appear together" earlier Congress for a nationalist hearing.

His proposal came aft Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell sent a missive to U.S. Attorney for nan District of Columbia Matthew Graves, claiming that Bobulinski lied to nan FBI during an question and reply Oct. 23, 2020, astir his business dealings pinch nan president’s son.

James Biden is group to look for his deposition connected Capitol Hill connected Feb. 21. Hunter Biden is group to look connected Feb. 28. Both Bidens were subpoenaed and will attest down closed doors.