Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in the United Arab Emirates on his seventh trip to the nation

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived Tuesday successful nan United Arab Emirates connected his seventh travel to nan nation, preparing to beryllium feted by tens of thousands of his countrymen up of elections backmost location successful nan coming months.

Modi was met connected landing successful Abu Dhabi by Emirati President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a man he many times has called his relative while moving to bolster ties betwixt nan Arabian Peninsula federation that is location to millions of Indians. The 2 leaders walked past an grant defender earlier sitting down for their meeting, which saw bilateral agreements signed betwixt nan nations.

Modi lauded "our closeness and really we person moved guardant successful each field."


He added: "Brother, it is besides a matter of happiness that we are going to do (a) bilateral finance treaty. This is besides going to person a agelong lasting impact."

The 2 sides besides discussed power issues. India remains a cardinal purchaser of Emirati lipid and now is looking astatine nan anticipation of buying liquefied earthy state from nan UAE arsenic well, a connection from nan Indian delegation said.

The UAE offered nary contiguous readout connected nan travel aliases what nan 2 men discussed.

Tuesday night, tens of thousands of Indians are expected to crowd into Zayed Sports City Stadium to spot Modi. Only Indian nationals were being permitted to be nan arena successful Abu Dhabi, organizers said.

Modi's presence came arsenic Indian constabulary connected Tuesday utilized tear state and detained immoderate farmers who fought pinch them and tried to break barricades, blocking their measurement to New Delhi to request guaranteed harvest prices. In 2021, farmers camped for months successful nan Indian superior aft Modi withdrew arguable agriculture laws that had triggered nan earlier protests.

The protests could airs a important situation for Modi and his governing Bharatiya Janata Party up of nan coming elections successful India, nan world's largest democracy. However, Modi is wide expected to triumph a 3rd term.

Of nan complete 9 cardinal group surviving successful nan UAE, India estimates much than 3.5 cardinal are Indian expatriates, making them nan largest nationalist group of group successful nan country, outnumbering moreover Emirati citizens. While galore are low-paid laborers, location are a increasing number of white-collar professionals and aggregate generations of Indian families.

Modi’s sojourn highlights nan nations’ longstanding economical and historical ties, from herb trading and golden smuggling successful nan UAE’s formative years to tens of billions of dollars' worthy of yearly bilateral waste and acquisition today.


The countries signed a free waste and acquisition woody successful 2022 aimed astatine doubling their bilateral waste and acquisition to $100 billion. The countries person agreed to let India to settee immoderate payments successful rupees arsenic opposed to dollars, lowering transaction costs.

The narration besides underscores nan Emirates’ realpolitik overseas policy. The UAE has embraced Modi arsenic Muslims successful India progressively travel nether onslaught by Hindu nationalist groups. Modi received nan Emirates’ apical civilian grant successful 2019 moreover arsenic he stripped statehood from nan disputed Muslim-majority region of Kashmir.

Modi’s original sojourn to nan Emirates successful 2015 was nan first by an Indian premier curate successful 34 years.

Modi besides will reside nan World Governments Summit successful Dubai and inaugurate a caller stone-carved Hindu temple adjacent Abu Dhabi connected Wednesday while successful nan UAE. He'll past recreation connected to Qatar.