Indian town sets curfew after mosque clashes, police ordered to shoot violators

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Authorities successful a northern Indian town imposed an indefinite curfew and ordered constabulary to sprout violators aft clashes complete nan building of a Muslim seminary and a mosque near astatine slightest 5 group dormant and much than 150 injured, officials said Friday.

The unit Thursday besides led authorities to unopen down net services and schools successful Haldwani, Uttarakhand authorities government charismatic Chief Radha Raturi said.

The business was brought nether power pinch astir 4,000 constabulary officers rushing to nan area, said constabulary serviceman A.P. Anshuman. He said constabulary were ordered to sprout protesters violating nan curfew.


On Thursday, thousands of protesters tried to artifact authorities officials and constabulary who arrived to demolish nan seminary and mosque pursuing a tribunal bid that nan structures were being built connected authorities onshore without section authorization, Anshuman said.

As unit escalated, constabulary fired unrecorded ammunition and tear state to disperse protesters utilizing petrol bombs and stones to onslaught a constabulary position and group respective vehicles connected fire, Anshuman said.

State constabulary main Abhinav Kumar said 5 group died successful nan violence. He did not springiness specifications but said nary caller unit was reported connected Friday.

Government administrator Vandana Singh Chauhan complete 150 constabulary officers were injured and respective group were hospitalized.

Anshuman did not opportunity whether constabulary occurrence killed nan protesters. He besides didn't place nan belief of nan victims.

Haldwani is astir 170 miles northeast of New Delhi.

Muslim groups and authorities organizations person accused India’s Hindu-nationalist authorities of demolishing their homes and businesses successful nan past. Officials person defended their actions, saying they are only targeting forbidden buildings, but critics telephone it a increasing shape of "bulldozer justice" aimed astatine punishing activists from number group.


In a study released this week, Amnesty International condemned respective instances of bulldozers razing Muslims’ homes, businesses and places of worship, which it said was often done nether nan guise of forbidden encroachment and without capable notice.

"The unlawful demolition of Muslim properties by nan Indian authorities, peddled arsenic ‘bulldozer justice’ by governmental leaders and media, is sadistic and appalling. Such displacement and dispossession is profoundly unjust, unlawful and discriminatory," said Agnès Callamard, nan authorities group’s caput general.

The group’s researchers recovered that betwixt April and June 2022, authorities successful 5 states utilized demolitions arsenic reward pursuing incidents of communal unit aliases protests, and documented astatine slightest 128 demolitions during this period.

Critics and opponents person agelong accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of looking nan different measurement and sometimes enabling dislike reside against Muslims, who comprise 14% of India’s 1.4 cardinal people.

Modi’s Bhartiya Janata Party denies nan accusations.