Iran's nuclear activities raise concerns as UN watchdog warns of lack of transparency

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The caput of nan United Nations' atomic watchdog warned Tuesday that Iran is "not wholly transparent" regarding its atomic program, peculiarly aft an charismatic who erstwhile led Tehran's programme announced nan Islamic Republic has each nan pieces for a limb "in our hands."

Speaking astatine nan World Governments Summit successful Dubai, conscionable crossed nan Persian Gulf, Rafael Mariano Grossi, nan director-general of nan International Atomic Energy Agency, alluded to remarks made this play by Ali Akbar Salehi. Grossi noted "an accumulation of complexities" successful nan wider Middle East amid Israel’s warfare against Hamas successful nan Gaza Strip.

Iran, aft nan illness of its 2015 nuclear deal pinch world powers, has pursued atomic enrichment conscionable beneath weapons-grade levels. Tehran has accumulated capable enriched uranium to build respective weapons if it chooses. However, U.S. intelligence agencies and others measure that Iran has yet to statesman a weapons program. Israel agelong has been believed to person its ain atomic weapons program.


Iran is "presenting a look which is not wholly transparent erstwhile it comes to its atomic activities. Of people this increases dangers," Grossi said. "There's loose talk astir atomic weapons much and more, including successful Iran recently. A very precocious charismatic said, successful fact, we person everything, it’s disassembled. Well, please fto maine cognize what you have."

Iran, arsenic a signatory to nan Treaty connected nan Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, has pledged to let nan IAEA to sojourn its atomic sites to guarantee its programme is peaceful. Tehran besides agreed to further oversight from nan IAEA arsenic portion of nan 2015 atomic deal.

Grossi did not place nan Iranian charismatic who made nan comment. However, successful an Iranian authorities tv show precocious Sunday, Salehi said that nan state had each it needed to build a weapon.

"We person each nan (pieces) of atomic subject and technology. Let maine springiness an example," Salehi said. "What does a car need? It needs a chassis, it needs an engine, it needs a steering wheel, it needs a gearbox. Have you made a gearbox? I opportunity yes. An engine? But each 1 is for its ain purpose."

Salehi made a akin remark Saturday.

"We person it successful our hands," he said then.

Since 2022, Iranian officials person spoken openly astir thing agelong denied by Tehran arsenic it enriches uranium astatine its closest-ever levels to weapons-grade material: nan Islamic Republic is fresh to build an atomic limb astatine will. That includes Kamal Kharrazi, an advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who told Al Jazeera that Tehran has nan expertise to build atomic weapons but does not intend to do so.


Salehi's comments correspond an escalation. He served arsenic nan caput of nan civilian Atomic Energy Organization of Iran nether then-President Hassan Rouhani, a comparative mean wrong Iran's theocracy who reached nan 2015 woody pinch world powers.

The hardening of Iran's position comes arsenic militias it arms successful nan region — Lebanon's Hezbollah and Yemen's Houthi rebels — person launched attacks targeting Israel. The Houthis proceed to onslaught commercialized shipping successful nan region, sparking repeated airstrikes from nan U.S. and nan United Kingdom.

Meanwhile Tuesday, Iran released video of a ballistic rocket being fired disconnected nan Shahid Mahdavi, a instrumentality vessel transformed by Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard into a floating base. The footage showed a Fateh rocket fired from a launcher disguised arsenic a shipping container, perchance meaning Iran could hide nan launcher connected different vessels.