Is Super Bowl advertising worth the $7 million investment?

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The biggest NFL game of nan twelvemonth and 1 of nan biggest sporting events successful nan world is nan yearly Super Bowl. The crippled is watched by tens of millions of Americans crossed nan country.

On Sunday, Super Bowl LVIII will return spot successful Las Vegas astatine Allegiant Stadium betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and nan San Francisco 49ers. 

For decades, nan Super Bowl's fame has attracted advertisers that correspond nan biggest corporations successful nan world. Revenue from nan Super Bowl totals hundreds of millions each year.


Budweiser has maintained its reign arsenic nan pinnacle of Super Bowl advertising. 

Despite Amazon's notable occurrence successful nan Super Bowl commercialized arena, Budweiser stands retired arsenic nan starring spender, investing a important $470.5 cardinal successful Super Bowl ads from nan inaugural large crippled successful 1967 done 2020, according to investigation and information collected by Statista. 

In caller years, nan return connected finance has been beardown for companies spending money connected advertizing their products during nan Super Bowl. 

Some of nan apical brands for nan 2023 Super Bowl included Dunkin' Donuts, Doritos, Tubi, Uber One, Pringles, Budweiser and Coca-Cola. Advertisers paid an average of $7 million to aerial a 30-second commercialized during nan 2022 Super Bowl broadcast, according to Statista. 

Super Bowl ads person go a taste phenomenon, and galore viewers tune successful specifically to watch nan commercials. Memorable and well-executed ads tin create a lasting effect and make extended chat and media coverage.

Creativity and user spending play a nonstop domiciled successful nan Super Bowl arsenic fans thin to bargain from nan advertisement they retrieve nan most. Advertisements person an engaging domiciled successful nan Super Bowl arsenic nan event's precocious viewership continues its dominance.

"Most group thin to tally successful nan other guidance of advertising, but [the] Super Bowl remains nan 1 time wherever they don’t," Joe Glennon, an subordinate professor successful nan Department of Advertising astatine Temple University’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communication, said successful a 2022 interview.

"There’s still nary amended measurement to scope 70, 80 aliases 90 cardinal group each astatine erstwhile than nan Super Bowl. There is besides unthinkable brand-building powerfulness successful having tons of group spot you astatine nan aforesaid time." 

A 30-second advertisement for nan Super Bowl has progressively go much costly complete nan past decade arsenic viewership for nan arena continues to turn each year. 

During nan 2022 Super Bowl, erstwhile nan Cincinnati Bengals played nan Los Angeles Rams, a 30-second advertisement costs $6.5 cardinal connected average, according to statistic provided by Statista.


From 2017 to 2021, a 30-second advertisement costs an mean of $5.4 cardinal to $5.5 million. For nan astir part, advertizing rates person consistently accrued for nan Super Bowl nan past decade.

Most Super Bowl advertisements enactment betwixt nan 15- to 30-second range. However, if an advertisement did break into nan one-minute mark, it would apt costs nan sponsor astir double nan mean costs of a 30-second ad.

Super Bowl advertisement prices are among nan highest for tv advertizing owed to nan monolithic viewership nan arena attracts.

Since brands salary specified a precocious costs to show disconnected their products, advertisements thin to stress an intermezo perspective alternatively than a superior aliases logical transportation to consumers. As a result, a user inclination has been created complete nan years surrounding Super Bowl advertisements arsenic immoderate non-sports enthusiasts tune successful only to watch nan commercials.

The costs of a commercialized connected nan Super Bowl has accrued exponentially complete nan years, moreover aft accounting for inflation. 

During Super Bowl I successful January 1967, nan costs of a 30-second advertisement was abou $42,000, nan balanced of astir $350,000 successful 2022.

For nan past 2 decades, nan costs of advertising astatine nan Super Bowl has progressively increased. By nan precocious 1980s, prices had reached nan million-dollar people for a 30-second spot. In 1990, nan costs of a commercialized roseate to $700,000. By 2010, it had accrued to $2.95 million, according to Statista. 


In nan early 2020s, nan costs of a 30-second Super Bowl advertisement was betwixt $5.5 cardinal and $6 million. Advertisers were besides exploring integer and societal media components to maximize their scope beyond accepted television.

Actual costs tin alteration based connected factors specified arsenic nan circumstantial year, nan fame of nan teams playing and nan wide economical climate. Super Bowl advertisement prices stay taxable to fluctuations and are influenced by nan unsocial entreaty of nan arena arsenic a trading platform.

As societal media has go much celebrated complete caller years, advertisers person started releasing Super Bowl commercials online earlier they look connected unrecorded television. 

The logic down nan early merchandise is it allows advertisers to scope audiences that do not tune into nan Super Bowl.

The early merchandise of Super Bowl ads besides allows brands to move a single-day arena into a much extended trading campaign. 

By creating a buzz earlier nan game, during nan crippled and moreover aft nan game, brands tin support and leverage user liking complete a much extended period, perchance improving nan wide effectiveness of nan advertizing campaign.

Apart from nan hefty value tag, landing a Super Bowl advertisement spot poses nan consequence of harming a brand's image. 

The perceptive Super Bowl viewers, known for their keen judgement of commercials, tin readily spot immoderate flaws successful an ad's value aliases message, perchance casting a antagonistic ray connected nan brand's standing.

Whether Super Bowl ads are worthy nan value depends connected a brand's circumstantial goals, target assemblage and wide trading strategy. Some brands find tremendous worth successful nan vulnerability and taste impact, while others whitethorn for illustration to allocate their budgets to different advertizing channels pinch much measurable outcomes. 

It's a determination that requires observant information of nan brand's objectives and resources.