Jean-Pierre slams Hur, says 'sharp' Biden does more in one hour than most do in a day

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Amid mounting questions astir nan president's age, White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre criticized Special Counsel Robert Hur connected Monday and suggested Biden could do much successful 1 hr than astir group could successful a afloat day.

Hur's study connected Biden's mishandling of classified documents, released Thursday, recommended nary criminal charges against nan president. 

The investigation, however, laid retired really nan president struggled to retrieve cardinal specifications of his life during interviews pinch investigators, including erstwhile he served arsenic vice president and when his boy Beau died.

When a newsman astatine Monday's property briefing asked Jean-Pierre erstwhile they could expect to speak pinch Biden's doctor, she alternatively pivoted to a critique of Hur, noting that he is simply a "Republican prosecutor" and "not a aesculapian doctor."


"It's not for him to speak to. It's conscionable not," she said regarding Hur's appraisal of Biden's memory.

Another newsman asked Jean-Pierre what nan White House's strategy is to alteration nan cognition of a mostly of voters who judge Biden is excessively aged to service arsenic president for different term.

Recent polling has recovered that Biden's property is simply a awesome rumor for a mostly of not only Americans successful general, but besides Democrats. A Sunday poll from ABC/Ipsos recovered that 86% of Americans judge Biden is excessively aged to service different term, including 73% of Democrats.

"We're gonna proceed to lead connected leadership," Jean-Pierre replied. "We're going to proceed to attraction connected what this president was capable to get done connected behalf of nan American people."

Jean-Pierre past quoted nan words of First Lady Jill Biden erstwhile she said Biden "does much successful 1 hr than astir group do successful a day. His age, pinch acquisition and expertise, is an unthinkable asset, and he proves it each day."


The property caput continued to take sides Biden from renewed scrutiny astir his intelligence acuity passim nan briefing, stressing he is "sharp" and "on apical of things."

At 1 point, Jean-Pierre was asked if Biden is different successful backstage and exhibits much "vigor" than he displays during speeches and interactions pinch nan press. 

She claimed that Biden has precocious traveled to various states and has tended to prosecute pinch nan property by answering questions successful a "lightweight" and "funny" way.

Jean-Pierre besides stated that Biden's physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, does not judge a cognitive trial is necessary. She said O'Connor believes Biden proves his cognitive expertise "every time [in] really he operates and really he thinks."

"I'm conscionable gonna opportunity what Dr. O'Connor said to maine astir a twelvemonth agone erstwhile [Biden's physical] was released," Jean-Pierre said. "The president proves each time [in] really he operates and really he thinks, by dealing pinch world leaders, by making difficult decisions connected behalf of nan American group – whether it's home aliases it's nationalist security. That is really Dr. O'Connor sees it, and that is really I'm going to time off it."

The White House did not return Fox News Digital's petition for comment. 

Fox News' Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.