Kansas AG accuses state schools of hiding transitioning of students from parents

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Some schoolhouse districts successful Kansas are "socially transitioning" students without parental consent, nan authorities lawyer wide claims, and he's sent letters to them challenging what he says are "outrageous" policies.

Parents Defending Education (PDE) keeps an updated list of parental removal policies connected their website that includes six schoolhouse districts successful Kansas. They person "Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Policies" that "openly authorities that territory unit tin aliases should support a student’s transgender position hidden from parents," nan defense group claims.

While nan database is not comprehensive, it includes Belle Plaine USD 357, Kansas City Public Schools, Olathe Public Schools, Shawnee Mission School District and Topeka Public Schools. Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach sent letters to each nan schoolhouse districts challenging their policies that allegedly require aliases let schoolhouse territory unit to conceal a student’s "transgender" aliases "gender non-conforming" position from parents. 

"Parents person a law correct to power nan upbringing of their children," Kobach told Fox News Digital. "It’s outrageous that definite schoolhouse districts would facilitate nan intersexual transitioning of children by hiding it from their parents."

He said his first nonsubjective is to make parents and schoolhouse districts alert of nan parental removal policies, explaining that immoderate schoolhouse boards whitethorn not beryllium alert of nan policies. 

"I deliberation location are galore well-meaning schoolhouse committee members who would admit that parents person a correct to cognize astir immoderate transitioning aliases immoderate issues that their kids are facing, and they shouldn't beryllium excluded from that," he added. 

Secondly, AG Kobach said he wants to promote these schools to alteration their policies to beryllium much successful statement pinch parental authorities arsenic protected by nan Constitution.  

"There is simply a law correct astatine liking here," Kobach told Fox News Digital. "The Supreme Court of nan United States for almost a century, has recognized nan Constitutional correct of parents to power nan upbringing of their children and that's a very important Constitutional right, and we want to make judge that is respected."


Kobach told nan schoolhouse districts that their policies break parental authorities and asked for explanation astir whether parental input was considered anterior to adopting nan transgender notification policies, according to nan property release. Belle Plaine's superintendent told KSN.com it changed its policies past April, while Maize besides said it had changed its policies.

"A batch of times these policies are pushed by extracurricular activistic organizations and adopted by schoolhouse boards without being afloat informed astir what nan argumentation would really do," Deputy Attorney General Abhishek Kambli said. "Belle Plaine and Maize should beryllium praised for responding swiftly erstwhile they saw what was going on."

Kobach besides sent a missive to nan Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) based connected grounds that nan statewide statement mightiness beryllium progressive successful promoting policies that exclude parents regarding their child's "transgender" aliases "gender non-conforming" status, but KASB declined to either corroborate aliases contradict that it had been progressive successful drafting specified policies, according to nan AG's office. 


The 4 different districts, Kansas City Public Schools, Olathe Public Schools, Shawnee Mission School District and Topeka Public Schools, "dug successful their heels and fundamentally asserted that schoolhouse administrators cognize amended than parents," nan property merchandise stated. Kobach sent a missive quoting nan "offending connection straight from those schools' policies," moreover though immoderate denied that their policies trim parents retired of nan picture. 

Olathe Public Schools, specifically, requested a gathering to talk nan issue, which nan AG's agency has many times followed up on, but contempt repeated attempts by nan Attorney General's staff, nary specified gathering has been scheduled, according to nan AG's office. 

Regarding nan declare that a gathering hadn’t been group up, nan territory said successful a property merchandise shared pinch Fox News Digital that it had received nan AG’s letter, which it responded to successful December and since then, it has been successful "regular contact" pinch nan AG’s agency "to schedule a clip to meet and talk immoderate misinterpretations and/or miscommunications that nan Attorney General’s agency has regarding nan matter."

"Unfortunately, Olathe Public Schools was incapable to meet pinch nan typical from nan Attorney General’s agency arsenic primitively scheduled connected Feb. 2, 2024," nan connection said. "However, nan territory offered six further gathering dates: Feb. 27, Feb. 28, March 5, March 6, March 8 and March 26. The territory stands disposable to meet astatine immoderate of these times. Olathe Public Schools is obligated to travel national rule to support our students, unit and families."

The territory besides addressed nan policy, stating it "does not have, nor has it ever had, a general argumentation adopted by nan Board of Education regarding gender personality and pronoun usage."

"The archive noted successful nan property merchandise from Attorney General Kris Kobach references soul administrative guidelines to assistance our unit and administrative teams arsenic situations originate connected a case-by-case basis, not a general policy," nan connection said. "As a district, it is ever our intent and believe to activity straight and partner pinch individual families and students arsenic situations originate to guarantee we are providing nan due and basal support. We spot our unit to put nan champion interests of families and students astatine nan bosom of each decision."

Belle Plaine Schools Superintendent Pete Bastian said successful a connection that "nothing matters more" to nan territory "than doing what’s bully for students."

"That originates pinch forming a trusting business pinch parents to make judge each student has a safe, supportive spot to study and turn astatine school," he said. "At Belle Plaine, we person agelong embraced nan value of moving together pinch families, and we are proud to beryllium portion of a organization that makes this possible."

Dr. Aarion L. Gray, wide head of instructional services astatine Topeka Public Schools, told Fox News Digital that nan territory believes acquisition is simply a cooperative effort betwixt nan parent, their student and educators.

"USD 501 useful collaboratively pinch parents and their student(s) to protect their ineligible authorities while maintaining a positive learning environment for all," Gray said. "USD 501 remains assured their regularisation and practices comply pinch existent laws arsenic written and interpreted by nan courts while protecting nan ineligible authorities of some nan parents and their student(s)."

The territory besides shared its argumentation which explained that existent believe successful nan territory is for administrators "to measure requests for accommodations connected a case-by-case basis, and to create an individual scheme for each student."  

David A. Smith, chief communications serviceman for nan Shawnee Mission School District, sent Fox News Digital nan consequence Superintendent Michelle Hubbard sent to AG Kobach aft they received his letter.

"Without citing immoderate incident of a SMSD genitor allegedly having their ineligible authorities violated, you onslaught our Board members and our administrative activity pinch nan connection that ‘USD 512 has apparently surrendered to woke gender ideology,’" nan missive to nan AG said. "Use of nan governmental ‘woke’ labeling arsenic an reproach is disappointing to spot from our State’s Attorney General."


"Our Board is made up of divers individuals who were publically elected by our community," nan connection added. "Our management is likewise composed of divers individuals, who person devoted their master careers to bettering and advancing nationalist acquisition for Kansas children. We are not caricatures from nan polarized media, but alternatively existent group who activity very difficult successful nan look of aggravated unit connected nationalist schools to service our students and our families each time successful compliance pinch applicable law."

Kobach challenged this sentiment, stating nan policies he and his squad identifies are "definitely not accordant pinch parents' law rights, truthful correct now they are retired of measurement pinch nan law." 

"If they are superior astir complying pinch nan law, they request to modify their policies," he added. "They should do truthful arsenic quickly arsenic possible."

PDE Vice President Caroline Moore told Fox News Digital that attorneys wide astir nan state should return a play retired of Kansas’ playbook. 

"General Kobach utilized a database of parental removal policies primitively exposed by PDE to clasp districts successful nan authorities accountable for removing parents from determination making involving their child’s well-being," she said. "Parents person go wholly demoralized pinch really their children are being turned against them astatine nan manus of nationalist schools."

"Turning up nan unit connected these administrators to rescind policies gives parents dream for what’s to travel successful Kansas and elsewhere, erstwhile politicians extremity playing nan blasted crippled and clasp districts accountable for unconstitutional policies," she added.