Kansas City braces for possible Taylor Swift appearance at Chiefs’ parade: report

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Taylor Swift’s attendance astatine Super Bowl LVIII was 1 of nan biggest unknowns starring up to nan large crippled successful Las Vegas connected Sunday night. Now, her beingness astatine nan Kansas City Chiefs’ parade connected Wednesday is nan next.

Swift, 34, performed connected her "Eras Tour" successful Japan nan time earlier nan Chiefs took connected nan San Francisco 49ers successful Las Vegas. 

Still, she appeared alongside Travis Kelce’s family astatine Allegiant Stadium to watch nan prima tight extremity triumph his 3rd Super Bowl ring. 


The mates celebrated back-to-back Super Bowl titles alongside Kelce’s teammates, including backmost Patrick Mahomes and his woman Brittany Mahomes. Now, galore are wondering if nan Grammy Award-winning creator will proceed nan celebrations connected Wednesday astatine nan Chiefs’ parade. 

Kansas City Manager Brian Platt told KCUR that they are bracing for immoderate anticipation erstwhile it comes to information measures being taken, arsenic nan anticipation of Swift’s attendance will surely tie successful an moreover larger crowd. 


"That's gonna beryllium a full 2nd level of information issues that we person to woody pinch — nan crowds and each that benignant of thing," he told nan station. "So we are much than ready. We person nary concerns pinch our information protocols and what we're doing to make judge that nan way will beryllium free of immoderate issues."

Platt besides hinted to nan position that they whitethorn person told Swift’s team that her beingness mightiness beryllium excessively overmuch for nan city’s information to woody pinch connected their own. 

"I can't corroborate aliases deny, but we mightiness person already told that to her team, conscionable to support everybody safe and make things a small spot easier for us." 

Swift's adjacent show connected nan circuit will beryllium connected Friday successful Melbourne, Australia, giving nan world popular sensation plentifulness of clip to make an quality successful Kansas City. 

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