Kari Lake lands endorsement of Senate Republican campaign arm as GOP aims to turn Arizona red

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The Senate Republicans' run limb is throwing its support down Kari Lake successful battleground Arizona's important race, a title that could find if nan GOP wins backmost power of nan enclosure successful November.

Tuesday's announcement by National Republican Senatorial Committee chair Sen. Steve Daines is nan latest motion that Lake is moving past her outsider and fiery election-denial-centered 2022 run for Arizona politician and is tin of moving pinch nan GOP establishment.

"Kari Lake is 1 of nan astir talented candidates successful nan country. Kari is building retired an effective run cognition that has what it takes to flip Arizona’s Senate spot successful November. I’m proud to endorse Kari Lake for United States Senate," Daines, nan Republican legislator from Montana who is chairing nan NRSC this cycle, said successful a statement.


Lake is simply a erstwhile longtime section TV news anchor successful Arizona who's a beardown protagonist of erstwhile President Donald Trump and his unproven claims his 2020 predetermination nonaccomplishment to President Biden was owed to monolithic elector fraud. She sparked plentifulness of contention successful her constrictive 2022 gubernatorial predetermination loss. Lake ne'er conceded her much than 17,000-vote conclusion and many times and unsuccessfully challenged nan results successful court.

But since announcing her Senate bid past October, Lake has consistently courted nan NRSC and constitution Republicans, astir precocious past play astatine nan run committee's wintertime gathering successful Palm Beach, Florida.

"I americium honored to person nan endorsement of Chairman Daines and nan NRSC," Lake said successful a statement, which was first reported by Politico. "We are uniting Republicans successful Arizona and person a clear way to victory. The Senate Majority runs done Arizona."


Daines and nan NRSC have been overmuch much hands connected successful GOP Senate primaries – successful campaigner recruitment and efforts to dissuade others from moving – successful comparison to nan committee during nan 2022 rhythm nether then-chairman Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

The NRSC backed candidates Tim Sheehy successful Montana and Dave McCormick successful Pennsylvania arsenic they launched their campaigns. But while Daines has complimented Lake successful caller months, he has waited until now for an charismatic endorsement.

In Arizona, Lake faces a nominal rival successful Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, and she's considered nan overwhelming favourite to triumph nan nomination.

Fox News has confirmed that nan NRSC will big a fundraiser for Lake connected March 6, which will beryllium attended by Daines arsenic good arsenic Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, nan Senate GOP Conference chair.

Barrasso, nan number 3 Republican successful Senate GOP leadership, had antecedently endorsed Lake and plans to run pinch her successful Arizona connected Feb. 29.

Democrats power nan U.S. Senate pinch a 51-49 majority, but Republicans are looking astatine a favorable Senate representation this year, pinch Democrats defending 23 of nan 34 seats up for grabs. Three of those seats are successful reddish states that Trump carried successful 2020 – West Virginia, Montana and Ohio.

Five different blue-held seats are successful cardinal plaything states narrowly carried by President Biden successful 2020 – Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Once reliably red, Arizona has go a cardinal southwestern wide predetermination battleground state.

The authorities narrowly voted successful 2018 for then-Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema successful a important Senate race, and for President Biden and Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly successful 2020.

Lake was narrowly defeated for politician successful 2022, while Kelly won predetermination to a afloat six-year word successful nan Senate by 5 points.

This year's Senate predetermination successful Arizona remains analyzable arsenic Sinema, who is now an independent, has not yet decided whether she will tally for re-election.

Rep. Ruben Gallego is nan frontrunner for nan Democratic Senate nomination, and nan anticipation of a three-way title pinch Sinema, Gallego and Lake has immoderate Republicans salivating.

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