Keith Olbermann, liberal commentators fume over Jon Stewart's mockery of Biden in 'Daily Show' return

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Some wide journalists and commentators fumed aft Jon Stewart's long-rumored return to "The Daily Show" connected Monday nighttime featured jokes astir President Biden's property and what they viewed arsenic equivocation pinch erstwhile President Trump. 

It was announced past period that Stewart would big his erstwhile programme each Monday nighttime done nan 2024 election, to nan delight of galore progressives who revered his 16-year tally connected nan show from 1999 to 2015.

But Stewart's return connected Monday roiled immoderate commentators online, immoderate of whom voiced vexation astatine nan comedian's jokes astatine nan disbursal of President Biden. 


"Well aft 9 years away, there's thing other to opportunity to nan bothsidesist fraud Jon Stewart bashing Biden, except: Please make it different 9 years," erstwhile MSNBC big and podcaster Keith Olbermann wrote, later calling Stewart a "bulls--t bothsidesist." 

"Jon Stewart still has it successful position of being funny and entertaining but nan governmental contented of this speech is fundamentally nan New York Times op-ed page successful TV form," far-left journalist and video clipper Aaron Rupar wrote. "Both sides are not successful truth arsenic bad!"

Christopher Webb, who calls himself a "lifelong Dem" connected X, said it was nan "laziest of humor" for Stewart to spell aft nan ages of Biden and Trump.

The left-wing Daily Beast griped successful its article connected Stewart's return, "So far, it seems that sway includes utilizing his aged level to show Americans that their 2 choices for president are some not that different and arsenic terrible."

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who, while not a liberal, is simply a fierce professional of erstwhile President Trump, wrote Stewart's commentary was a "boring, tired, not helpful, measurement excessively easy of a take." 

"Come on. It is what it is. It’s Biden v Trump. A binary decision. We tin walk our clip b----ing astir 'two aged guys,' aliases we tin walk our clip making judge nan 1 aged feline - who’s besides a traitorous psychopath who tried to overthrow an predetermination - doesn’t triumph again. That’s what I’m focusing on," Walsh wrote connected X.

Stewart said during nan show, however, that Biden and Trump were not nan same, rattling off, "Joe Biden isn't Donald Trump. He hasn't been indicted arsenic galore times, he hasn't had arsenic galore fraudulent businesses aliases been convicted successful a civilian proceedings for intersexual battle aliases been ordered to salary defamation aliases had his charities disbanded aliases stiffed a s--t municipality of blue-collar tradesmen he'd hired."

But nan stakes of nan election, Stewart said successful comments directed toward progressives, made Biden much taxable to scrutiny, not less.


Stewart's return to nan show comes arsenic nan 2024 White House title appears to beryllium heading towards a apt rematch betwixt President Biden and erstwhile President Trump, and media progressives are already counting connected him to beryllium yet different sound against nan second arsenic nan predetermination heats up. 

The left-leaning Stewart turned nan "fake news" show into a taste institution during nan George W. Bush years, and galore of nan show's "correspondents" person gone connected to go stars successful their ain right, specified arsenic Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Steve Carell. 

One of his astir memorable media appearances successful caller years came successful 2021, erstwhile he stunned his friend Colbert connected "The Late Show" by endorsing nan coronavirus lab-leak theory.

Fox News' David Rutz contributed to this report.