Las Vegas chapel offering free weddings to couples named Taylor and Travis on Super Bowl Sunday

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A Las Vegas chapel is offering free weddings to couples named Taylor and Travis who are looking to necktie nan knot connected Super Bowl Sunday, a motion to vocalist Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce, who will beryllium playing successful nan large game.

Kelce's Chiefs are preparing to return nan section against nan San Francisco 49ers for Super Bowl LVIII, a rematch of Super Bowl LIV erstwhile nan Chiefs won 4 years agone by a people of 31 to 20.

Chapel of nan Flowers announced free weddings for couples named Taylor and Travis connected Super Bowl Sunday.

"For those not eligible for a Super Bowl ring, really astir a game-day wedding pinch immoderate Las Vegas Bling? If your sanction is Taylor and you'd for illustration to get joined to your partner Travis aft nan large game, this is your chance to people a free Vegas wedding!" The chapel's CEO Donne Kerestic said successful a property release, according to PEOPLE.


Kerestic besides said 1 fortunate mates whose names are not Taylor and Travis could triumph a free wedding.

"Perhaps your sanction isn't Travis aliases Taylor, but you'd still really emotion to get joined successful nan wedding superior of nan world?" Kerestic asked. 

"We're an equal-opportunity chapel and we'd emotion to assistance you, too! Upload a photograph of you and your partner kissing beneath nan Married successful Las Vegas sign, and tag @littlechapel connected Instagram! We'll supply 1 fortunate mates pinch a free wedding ceremony, and a master wedding planner will interaction you to assistance pinch nan specifications of making your dream wedding a reality," he continued.

Kerestic said nan deadline for couples not named Taylor and Travis to use for a free wedding will beryllium Valentine's Day.

"We recognize you mightiness not person clip to return pictures correct aft nan large game, truthful let's push nan deadline for submissions backmost to Valentine's Day!" he said. "This should let everyone to participate… moreover if your sanction isn't Travis aliases Taylor and you for illustration to walk immoderate clip readying your cleanable Vegas Wedding!"


This comes arsenic Swift makes her measurement to Las Vegas for nan Super Bowl aft performing successful Tokyo, Japan, little than 24 hours earlier kickoff. There were first concerns astir whether she would beryllium capable to make it to nan crippled connected time, but she landed successful nan U.S. connected Saturday and appeared poised to watch Kelce play astatine Allegiant Stadium.

Speaking to reporters past week up of nan large game, Kelce discussed what nan acquisition has been for illustration receiving nan other media attraction that comes pinch making love nan 14-time Grammy-winning popular star.

"You asked maine really it is. And to beryllium honest, I'm learning passim this all," he explained. "I'm conscionable benignant of connected nan level ride, conscionable cruising [and] trying to fig this point retired connected nan run."