LAURA INGRAHAM: The world knows the truth - Joe Biden is in serious mental decline

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Fox News big Laura Ingraham takes purpose astatine President Biden's "enablers" amid superior concerns complete Biden' intelligence diminution connected "The Ingraham Angle." 


LAURA INGRAHAM: This is enabling. Now, each of this agelong predated past nighttime and now much than ever, Americans and moreover nan overseas property want to cognize who's really successful complaint astatine nan White House. The header successful The Daily Telegraph coming is "Is Jill Biden Secretly Running America?" 

With nan U.S. president's cognitive abilities nether expanding scrutiny, galore judge his woman is nan 1 steering nan ship. Of course, nan New York Times described Jill today, successful those benevolent terms: Jill arsenic a protective force. Protective spouses are amazing, but this is nan U.S. presidency, and he has entree to atomic weapons. Congress should do its champion arsenic nan people's representatives to find retired who's really making nan large decisions astir matters that will find our country's future. Because nary matter really galore spokespersons they nonstop retired to trash nan typical counsel aliases attest to Biden's vim and vigor, we each cognize 'The Big Guy" isn't making nan large calls, and we each cognize what Joe Biden's enablers person done. 

The man can't retrieve erstwhile he near nan vice presidency, for goodness sake. Oh, sorry, he forgot. And we're not expected to deliberation that's messed up. By nan clip Biden leaves office, much Americans will wish that they could hide his full presidency. And that's "The Angle."