Lifestyle's weekend roundup: Best stories of the week to catch up on

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Fox News Digital featured a coagulated lineup of Lifestyle pieces this week connected an array of topics including food, manner books, existent estate, all-things Super Bowl LVIII and much — plus, fun quizzes and crosswords.

Grab your java and cheque retired immoderate of nan apical stories of nan week that you whitethorn person missed aliases person been meaning to read.

And, arsenic always, there's overmuch much to beryllium recovered astatine 


Dig correct successful up of Sunday night's kickoff time!

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, fans of nan Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are counting connected quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy to propulsion nan cleanable pass. Fox News Digital said pinch a physics master who explained nan subject down shot spirals. Do you cognize really they work? Click present to get nan story. 

Hunting for Super Bowl sweets? Check retired this touchdown-worthy dessert look that's judge to impressment nan game-day crowd. Click present to get nan story.

Here's why chickenhearted wings, not nan Chiefs aliases nan 49ers, are nan existent stars of Super Bowl Sunday. Click present to get nan story.

What tin assemblage presidents study from America's Founding Fathers? 

Jared Cohen, bestselling writer of "Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond nan White House," has immoderate answers successful this exclusive excerpt for Fox News Digital. Click present to get nan story.

A New York City resident went viral connected TikTok for tearfully sharing her door-to-door job-hunting travel — including nan difficult moments erstwhile her resumes were rejected successful person. Click present to get nan story. 

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker shared his feelings connected manner and religion up of Super Bowl LVIII. Click present to get nan story. 

Danielle Renov, writer of nan nutrient blog "Peas, Love & Carrots," started a fundraiser to thief provender Israeli families displaced by nan Oct. 7 panic attacks. Click present to get nan story. 


A caller video that shows a kid dodging a would-be kidnapper successful Arizona has prompted a information master to measurement in. Click present to get nan story.

Good Samaritans successful Kansas City, Missouri, spent hours rescuing a litter of puppies that were stuck nether an abandoned location successful frigid temperatures. The rescue was captured connected video. Click present to get nan story.

Taylor Swift fans are upset complete an unofficial merch crackdown. Here's what "Swifties" request to know, arsenic immoderate group opportunity they've been blocked from trading and/or purchasing items connected Etsy. Click present to get nan story. 

From nan 1990s to 2020s, spot what houses costs arsenic Americans witnessed nan highest spike successful U.S. lodging marketplace history. Click present to get nan story.

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