Majority of Americans say Biden received 'special treatment' in special counsel probe: poll

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More than half of Americans judge President Biden sewage "special treatment" successful nan typical counsel investigation into his mishandling of classified documents, according to a caller poll.

The Reuters/Ipsos canvass recovered that 53% of Americans judge Biden sewage disconnected easy because he is president. Roughly 29% of Democrats besides agreed Biden sewage typical treatment.

The results travel aft Special Counsel Robert Hur chose not to urge charges against Biden for mishandling classified documents, successful portion because Biden could coming himself to nan assemblage arsenic "a sympathetic, well-meaning, aged man pinch a mediocre memory."

Hur's study went connected to picture significant representation issues for Biden, saying nan president could not retrieve erstwhile his son, Beau, died. He besides grounded to retrieve what years he served arsenic vice president nether President Obama.


Biden's property and intelligence capacity person agelong been apical issues for voters. Polls person recovered that ample majorities of Americans judge he is excessively aged to tally for office, and Tuesday's Reuters canvass is nary different. Roughly 78% of respondents said he is excessively aged to service a 2nd term, and 71% of Democrats agreed.


Ipsos conducted nan canvass from Feb. 9 done Feb. 12, surveying 1,237 U.S. adults. The canvass utilized nan probability-based Knowledge Panel to guarantee respondents represented nan U.S. population. The canvass advertised a separator of correction of 2.91%.

Biden and nan White House person dismissed concerns astir his fittingness for office. White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre stated connected Monday that nan president's upcoming beingness exam will not see a cognitive test.

Jean-Pierre stated that Biden's physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, believes Biden proves his cognitive expertise "every time [in] really he operates and really he thinks."

Biden himself attempted to laughter disconnected his representation issues connected Monday. Delivering remarks astatine nan National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Biden said astir his bipartisan infrastructure law.

"After devastating floods, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricane, we're going to support moving together to respond, to rebuild and boost resilience to utmost weather. My management is besides helping instal rooftop star to build a nationalist web of electrical conveyance charging stations for revitalizing fenceline communities smothered by nan bequest of contamination for illustration wherever I lived successful Claymont," Biden said, referring to wherever his family moved successful Delaware during nan early 1950s. 

"What I didn't realize, and I've been around, I cognize it don't look for illustration it, but I've been astir a while. I do retrieve that," Biden said, garnering laughter and applause.