Media, Democrats insist Biden has ‘strong mental acuity' after special counsel probe hits his ‘poor memory'

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Multiple Democrats and mainstream media figures powerfully disagreed pinch Special Counsel Robert Hur's study connected President Biden and his "poor memory," insisting that nan world leader is "on his game." 

Democrats for illustration Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., and salient journalists for illustration erstwhile CNN newsman John Harwood insisted that Biden is 1 of nan "sharpest" group they’ve dealt pinch and is much than tin of handling his occupation arsenic president.

He’s "on his game," Dingell insisted successful a caller cablegram news interview.


They pushed this thought moreover though a awesome portion of American voters judge nan president’s property and intelligence acuity are successful question. 

The talking points successful defense of Biden’s intelligence competence started up aft Hur released a report, Thursday, connected his investigation into Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents while he was a backstage citizen.

Hur noted that location was grounds that Biden did illegally grip documents, but declined to urge criminal charges against nan leader, successful portion owed to nan typical counsel team's belief that a early assemblage would spot Biden’s "poor memory" arsenic compromising his expertise to willfully perpetrate nan crime.

Biden’s property convention connected Thursday – his effort to assuage concerns astir his acuity that spiked aft Hur’s study ­– spun nan chatter astir nan findings into a frenzy. The president appeared protect and combative towards reporters, he disputed Hur’s findings, and moreover confused nan presidents of Mexico and Egypt successful a now-viral gaffe.

The property convention prompted moreover pro-Biden talking heads to admit that his property and intelligence fittingness are a liability and that some Hur’s characterization and Biden’s rejection of it were "terrible" for nan Democratic Party, particularly arsenic nan 2024 predetermination originates heating up.

However, others doubled down, defending Biden’s intelligence. In consequence to CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s questions astir respective of Biden’s caller gaffes successful discourse of nan Hur report, Goldman went to bat for Biden.

He said, "I was successful Israel connected Oct. 7, arsenic you know, and President Biden was bully capable to telephone me. And I tin show you, this was nan time earlier that interview, I tin show you he was sharper than anyone I’ve spoken to astir a very analyzable geopolitical urgent rumor pinch nan Hamas violent attack. And it indicated to maine that he had spoken to each of nan applicable leaders successful each of these different countries."

"His mastery and bid of a analyzable geopolitical business was conscionable impeccable and so, I don't cognize what happened successful there," Goldman added, mentioning his disorder complete Hur's investigation. 

Rep. Dingell blasted nan hits to Biden’s intelligence sharpness successful a CNN conception connected Friday afternoon. The lawmaker told anchor Brianna Keilar, "But I cognize what I’m talking about. I cognize Joe Biden. I was successful Michigan pinch him past week and we were talking issues, each kinds of issues. Issues that matter."

Dingell gesticulated forcefully arsenic she continued, saying, "And I’ll show you, we were talking astir nan Mid-East and my Arab Americans, and we had immoderate of nan bluntest – and I mean blunt – conversations."

"This is simply a man that’s connected his game," she concluded.


Harwood, a erstwhile White House correspondent, refused to admit that Biden’s intelligence acuity was declining arsenic Hur suggested. After nan study dropped, Harwood reposted an question and reply he did pinch Biden astir 2 weeks agone to X to beryllium nan president is fine. 

Referencing nan erstwhile FBI Director James Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Harwood wrote, "Hur did his type of Comey's ‘I person nary lawsuit but request to slap ‘em astir a little’ routine. As for Biden's intelligence fitness, I talked to him one-on-one astatine nan White House 10 days earlier Hur did. Here's nan video; judge for yourself."

After seeing Biden’s Egypt/Mexico flub, Harwood besides insisted to his much than half-a-million followers connected X that Biden "can do nan job."

In a consequent tweet, he wrote, "Biden's property convention showed nan aforesaid point his capacity successful agency has shown for 3 years: he tin do nan job," he wrote, adding, "Mexico for Egypt meant nothing, but nan GOP governmental servants of nan state is simply a bad-faith endeavor and mainstream property has been knocked silly by financial/political pressure."

Bloomberg columnist and podcast big Matthew Yglesias defended Biden connected X arsenic well. He shared a clip from Biden’s property convention successful consequence to nan Hur study and wrote, "He seems wholly good and I deliberation needs to do much press."

On MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" Friday morning, erstwhile Biden 2020 run charismatic Adrienne Elrod responded to Hur, saying that Biden is "perfectly capable" and "perfectly competent."

She continued: "You don’t put 14.2 cardinal jobs connected nan paper – which he’s done arsenic president – if you don’t person nan beardown intelligence acuity to do it. You don’t walk 4 awesome economical bills – 2 of those bipartisan – you don’t put nan first Black female connected nan Supreme Court. The database goes connected and connected successful position of President Biden’s accomplishments. You don’t negociate a analyzable business successful nan Middle East if you don’t person your beardown intelligence acuity."

American environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben published a file successful nan L.A. Times early Friday morning – conscionable hours aft Biden’s presser – successful which he flipped nan book connected nan communicative regarding Biden’s age. 

The piece, titled, "Age matters. Which is why Biden’s property is his superpower," based on that Biden’s property denotes nan contented and acquisition that has made him specified a successful president. 

McKibben wrote, "Joe Biden is old. Like each of us, he comes from a peculiar spot successful history, successful his lawsuit nan LBJ years. And that’s 1 large logic why his first word has been truthful afloat of accomplishments: His age, often cited arsenic nan top obstacle to his reelection, is really his superpower."

He added, "Age matters. My cohort agrees. Why did Biden judge he could do what he did successful his first term? Because he’d seen it done. Let’s dream nan politicians of nan early are watching his successes closely."