Miley Cyrus' mom slams Billy Ray Cyrus claims 'Hannah Montana' destroyed family

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Miley Cyrus' mother Tish Cyrus unopen down her ex-husband Billy Ray Cyrus' claims that nan deed show "Hannah Montana" "destroyed" their family.

Miley, 31, and her begetter Billy Ray, 62, starred connected nan Disney Channel teen sitcom for 4 seasons from 2006 to 2011. The monolithic occurrence of "Hannah Montana" made Miley a prima while besides supercharging nan profession of Billy Ray, who was already an established state singer.

However, Billy Ray lamented nan effect that he believed "Hannah Montana" had connected their family during a 2011 question and reply pinch GQ. While appearing connected nan "Call Her Daddy" podcast Wednesday pinch her oldest girl Brandi Cyrus, 36, nan 2 firmly disputed Billy Ray's past comments.

"Absolutely not," Tish said erstwhile asked if she agreed pinch Billy Ray's assertion that nan Cyrus family had been "destroyed" by nan show.

"Not astatine all," Brandi agreed. "I mean nan family’s not destroyed, first of all. We’re doing great."

"No, I conscionable deliberation he was having a moment," Tish said. 

Billy Ray and Tish welcomed Miley successful 1992 and nan erstwhile mates joined nan pursuing year. In summation to Miley, nan 2 stock boy Braison, 29, and girl Noah, 24. Billy Ray is besides begetter to Christopher Cody Cyrus, whom he shares pinch Kristen Luckey. Tish is mother to Brandi and boy Trace from a erstwhile relationship. After marrying Tish, Billy Ray adopted Brandi and Trace.

Tish and Billy Ray weathered respective ups and downs successful their matrimony earlier going their abstracted ways aft 30 years together successful 2023. Billy Ray revenge for divorcement successful 2010, but nan 2 reconciled nan pursuing year. In June 2013, Tish revenge for divorce, but nan mates reunited a period later.

Billy Ray's 2011 remarks to GQ astir "Hannah Montana's" effect connected his family came soon aft nan show concluded and amid his first divided pinch Tish. 


When asked if he believed that "Hannah Montana" played immoderate portion successful his family's troubles and his then-impending divorce, Billy Ray told nan outlet, "Oh, it's immense — it destroyed my family."

He continued, "I'll show you correct now — nan damn show destroyed my family. And I beryllium location and go, 'Yeah, you cognize what? Some gave all.' It is my motto, and conjecture what? I person to eat that one. I some-gave-all'd it each right. I some-gave-all'd it while everybody other was going to nan bank. It's each sad."

The vocalist was past asked if he "wished ‘Hannah Montana ne'er happened.’

"I dislike to opportunity it, but yes, I do," Billy Ray said. "Yeah. I'd return it backmost successful a second. For my family to beryllium present and conscionable beryllium everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would person been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I'd erase it each successful a 2nd if I could."

While appearing connected nan "Call Her Daddy" podcast, Tish revealed that she was nan 1 who first suggested that Billy Ray to audition for his domiciled connected "Hannah Montana."

"I’m trying to beryllium politically correct," she said earlier recalling she believed astatine nan clip that Billy Ray's profession had stalled aft nan occurrence of his deed 1992 opus "Achy Breaky Heart."

"I mean, he had done ‘Achy Breaky’ and thing other was working," Tish said. "And past I brought Miley retired to audition for ‘Hannah’ and she had gotten it, and past 1 of nan casting board said a joke, like, ‘Too bad we can’t spend her existent dad!’ And I said, ‘Oh, possibly you can.’"

Tish explained that Billy Ray had filmed different show successful Toronto astatine nan clip and nan family was dividing their clip betwixt their location betwixt nan Canadian metropolis and their location successful Tennessee.

"We each had to spell backmost and forth, and it was really difficult connected nan kids," she recalled.

"Miley had already gotten ‘Hannah, and I was already stressed about, ‘What are we gonna do?’" Tish continued. "I couldn’t, arsenic a mom, person half my kids successful Tennessee and beryllium retired [in Los Angeles] pinch Miley, for illustration I conscionable could not do that. 

And truthful I was like, ‘I person to bring each nan kids.’ And truthful that’s erstwhile I said to Billy Ray, ‘You should travel audition for nan dad. Because they emotion you and they’re really interested. Yes, it would beryllium a salary trim but our family could beryllium together.’" 

Tish, who is Miley's longtime manager, reflected connected nan challenges that she faced while balancing overseeing nan teen actress's profession and devoting capable clip to her different children. She explained that she felt for illustration a "single parent" astatine nan clip owed to Billy Ray and Miley's demanding filming schedules for "Hannah Montana."

"I look backmost connected it, and I honestly don’t cognize really I did it," Tish said. "It was not easy."

She continued, "But I conscionable made it work, and I took nan kids. I mean, it was a sacrifice for everyone."

Tish's comments travel amid rumors of a feud wrong nan Cyrus family. The speculation began aft Noah Cyrus didn't be Tish Cyrus' wedding to Dominic Purcell successful August 2023. Noah and Braison, were noticeably absent from their mother's wedding astatine nan extremity of nan summer. The siblings reportedly spent their mother's wedding time together, posting a since-expired Instagram communicative of an outing to Walmart wherever Noah wore a Billy Ray shirt.

Meanwhile, Miley served arsenic her mother's maid of grant for nan large infinitesimal and walked Tish down nan aisle during nan Malibu nuptials. Tish's wedding was besides attended by Brandi and Trace. 

"My full life my mom has been down nan scenes," Miley told Vogue. "She was ever nan 1 getting maine fresh for large days, starting pinch cheerleading competitions, past yet connected sets aliases backstage earlier a performance. She has ne'er stopped celebrating maine and has been truthful supportive of my decisions. I consciousness honored to beryllium that personification for her now that I’m older."

"To spot my mom this happy and successful emotion is very affectional for me," she added. "Dom and my mom stock nan sweetest, astir genuine love. It’s almost for illustration it’s for nan first time, which is truthful fitting for my mom who is specified a young soul. Since they met, they some started aging successful reverse. Somehow, my mom has gotten moreover much beautiful. The time was arsenic typical and magical arsenic they are. To guidelines beside my mother and springiness her distant to Dom is simply a infinitesimal I will cherish for nan remainder of my life."


Months later, Miley was absent arsenic Billy Ray joined Australian vocalist Firerose, 34. The mates announced their engagement successful November 2022. At nan time, Billy Ray revealed to People mag he first met Firerose 13 years agone connected nan group of "Hannah Montana" erstwhile she auditioned for a part.

Although Firerose did not get nan role, Billy Ray said he instantly recognized her "star" value and introduced her to a fistful of producers successful nan industry. The "Busy Man" hitmaker said he and Firerose became friends. The duo's relationship blossomed into romance aft Billy Ray and Tish revenge for divorcement for nan 3rd clip and Firerose moved successful pinch nan two-time Grammy Award victor soon after.

A period aft nan couple's engagement was announced, Miley and Billy Ray unfollowed each different connected Instagram.

"The divorcement betwixt her parents person put a strain connected her narration pinch her dad, and it's been difficult to link pinch him successful nan past year," a root antecedently told E! News successful 2022 of Miley. "She hopes they tin yet activity connected their relationship."

After Tish revenge for divorcement successful 2022, Billy Ray attempted to unopen down feud rumors, saying, "Everyone knew that that narration was complete a agelong clip ago. Everybody's turning nan page. It's been a lot, but everyone knew that it was clip for a change."

At nan clip of nan divorcement filing, nan erstwhile mates revealed they had been separated for 2 years.

Miley has seldom spoken astir her begetter successful nan years since, but she did speak retired successful August 2023 astir really they position fame "wildly" differently.

"My dada grew up nan other of me. I grew up connected a soundstage successful a location pinch a family that was ace adjacent and each lived nether nan aforesaid roof, and I grew up financially unchangeable and emotionally stable. … That’s thing that my dada didn’t have," she said during her TikTok series, "Used To Be Young."

"I do person a batch of awesome memories singing euphony pinch my dada and learning and watching his sound and nan measurement that he’s utilizing nan instrument," Miley said.


"I will opportunity that I consciousness vocally my dada was underappreciated," she added.

However, rumors of a rift betwixt Miley and Billy Ray were further fueled past Sunday erstwhile nan "Party successful nan U.S.A" hitmaker won her first-ever Grammy Award. Miley took location 2 awards: champion solo popular capacity and grounds of nan year.

After winning nan Grammy Award for grounds of nan twelvemonth for her deed opus "Flowers," Miley notably snubbed her begetter successful her acceptance speech.


Miley thanked her team, Columbia Records, her mother, Brandi and her fellow Maxx Morando, 25, while leaving retired her father, Noah, Trace and Braison . Miley told nan assemblage she wanted to specifically convey "our teams, my team, Crush, Columbia, my mommy, my sister, my love, my ‘main gays,’ because look really bully I look. Anyone else? Your wife, your fiancée, each nan group that we love. Thank you each truthful much."

"I don't deliberation I forgot anyone," she concluded earlier adding, "But I mightiness person forgotten underwear. Bye!"


Billy Ray did not publically congratulate his girl connected her Grammy Award wins. However, he shared an Instagram station connected Tuesday pinch a caption that immoderate fans interpreted arsenic alluding to nan rumored feud. 

"Love is nan answer," Billy Ray wrote alongside a photograph of himself cozying up pinch Firerose successful a field.


In summation to speculation of a feud betwixt Billy Ray and Miley, rumors person swirled of a rift among nan Cyrus siblings. Fans person suggested that Noah and Braison's absence from Tish's wedding indicated that nan siblings person taken sides complete their parents' divorcement and Billy Ray's remarriage.

Noah made headlines past October aft she near a remark connected a video from Miley's 2020 quality connected "The Joe Rogan Experience."

 At nan time, Miley described Noah arsenic an "emo kid" and said while she "loved" her sister's song "The End of Everything," which was released that year, she added, "It's nan astir depressing EP you’ll ever perceive to."

"The disrespect successful this video..." Noah commented. 

After nan clip circulated online, fans noted that Noah's remark came 3 years aft Miley's question and reply and successful nan midst of nan rumored Cyrus family feud. 

Fox News Digital's Lauryn Overhultz contributed to this report.