NASCAR's Corey LaJoie partners with Chili's before Daytona 500, reveals go-to order

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Corey Lajoie will look to prime up nan first NASCAR Cup Series triumph of his profession connected Sunday, erstwhile nan 2024 play starts its engines astatine Daytona International Speedway for nan Daytona 500.

LaJoie’s champion decorativeness astatine NASCAR’s Super Bowl was eighth place, erstwhile he drove for Go Fas Racing. This clip around, he is entering his 4th play pinch Spire Motorsports and whitethorn person a concealed limb connected nan hood of his car – nan powerfulness of Chili’s.


The driver of nan No. 7 Chevrolet Camaro will participate "The Great American Race" pinch a Chili’s sponsorship connected his vehicle, which will besides bring a unsocial opportunity for fans. LaJoie will thrust pinch a QR codification connected nan car and connected his occurrence suit. If fans tin drawback LaJoie aliases his car and scan nan QR code, they could participate to triumph a $10 Chili’s gift paper aliases a VIP travel to spot him title successful Austin, Texas, later this season.

"It’s been a blast truthful far," LaJoie told Fox News Digital of his business pinch Chili’s. "It comes pinch a small spot much work than usual. You want to make judge you invited a large marque for illustration Chili’s back, aliases moreover into, our sport. You want to make judge you do those guys a bully occupation connected and disconnected nan track."

LaJoie said nan business with Chili’s made consciousness for him because he is simply a instrumentality of nan restaurant.

"There’s not very galore times successful our athletics where, particularly direct-to-consumer brands for illustration restaurants aliases thing wherever it’s a unsocial fit," he said. "Normally, you conscionable effort to get anybody you perchance tin to salary money to put stickers connected nan car. But pinch this, I’ve been eating luncheon astatine Chili’s and meal astatine Chilis’ since I was a kid.


"It’s specified a well-known marque and a well-liked edifice … it’s an iconic marque to represent. So, it’s cool to get our squad to a spot done a batch of difficult activity complete these past 3–4 years to beryllium capable to return connected and activate, to do a bully occupation for brands of this size. It should springiness our guys successful nan shop a batch of assurance and a batch of pridefulness for being capable to get nan motion from a group for illustration Chili’s to beryllium capable to footwear nan play disconnected astatine nan Daytona 500."

The burning (or sizzling) mobility is what is LaJoie’s go-to order.

"I’m not a feline that has group things. I really spell pinch what I’m emotion successful nan moment," he told Fox News Digital. "If I time off present and spell to lunch, I don’t cognize if I’m ripping retired a margarita astatine lunchtime.

"Let’s conscionable opportunity we’re going to dinner. I’m getting a h2o pinch lime, a skinny margarita aliases a presidente margarita, astir apt a small spot of nine soda. And past I’m going to fajitas."

He said his kids would astir apt spell pinch nan chickenhearted crispers.

"And then, I’m astir apt eating nary little than 4 trays of chips."

The Daytona 500 will title connected Sunday astatine 2:30 p.m. ET. Fans tin watch connected FOX.

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