New York Times editorial board demands Biden ‘do better’ in defending his memory, fitness for office

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The New York Times editorial committee slammed President Biden’s press conference that he gave successful consequence to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s appraisal of his "poor memory."

The editorial – published Friday ­– declared that Biden’s assurances during nan presser that his representation is "fine" "didn’t work," and that they raised "more questions" astir his sharpness.

The committee past advised Biden that he needs to "do better" to person nan American group that he’s up to nan job, particularly arsenic erstwhile President Trump has a "very existent chance of retaking nan White House."


The portion began by noting polls showing really a mostly of American voters successful battleground states "agreed pinch nan connection that Mr. Biden’s ‘just excessively aged to beryllium an effective president,’" and that Hur’s study will further "test spot that nan American group person successful their president."

It past claimed that Biden’s consequence to that study made things moreover worse.

"Mr. Biden’s capacity astatine his news convention connected Thursday nighttime was intended to guarantee nan nationalist that his representation is good and reason that Mr. Hur was retired of line; instead, nan president raised much questions astir his cognitive sharpness and temperament," the committee declared.

It added that "he delivered affectional and snappish retorts successful a infinitesimal erstwhile group were looking for steady, moreover and tin responses to adjacent questions astir his fitness."

Summing it up, The Times said, "His assurances, successful different words, didn’t work. He must do better." 

It added that "the stakes successful this statesmanlike predetermination are excessively precocious for Mr. Biden to dream that he tin skate done a run pinch nan thief of teleprompters and aides and someway conclusion arsenic manifestly unfit an force arsenic Donald Trump, who has a very existent chance of retaking nan White House."

The committee besides rebuked nan contiguous stance that immoderate of Biden’s friends person taken, noting they’ve been "going to nan accustomed Washington playbook of dismissing nan typical counsel’s study arsenic partisan." 


It said, "Regardless of Mr. Hur’s motivation, nan specifications that he presented said to worries voters already had," and offered a strategy requiring Biden to look this reality and flooded it.

The Times recommended that Biden "reassure and build assurance pinch nan nationalist by doing things that he has truthful acold been unwilling to do convincingly," for illustration campaigning successful "unrehearsed reactions" and do much "town hallway meetings successful communities and connected nationalist television."

It besides offered, "He should clasp regular news conferences to show his bid of and guidance for starring nan country," noting that he has "less substantive, unscripted relationship pinch nan nationalist and nan property than immoderate different president successful caller memory."

The disapproval didn’t extremity there, pinch nan Times adding that Biden’s "age and his absence from nan nationalist shape has eroded nan public’s confidence. He looks as if he is hiding, aliases worse, being hidden."

The editorial concluded pinch a pessimistic appraisal of nan Biden management arsenic it stands, admitting, "This is simply a acheronian infinitesimal for Mr. Biden’s presidency, erstwhile galore voters are relying connected him to supply nan state pinch a compelling replacement to nan unsocial threat of Mr. Trump."

It concluded, "Mr. Biden has been a wise and dependable presence. He needs to do much to show nan nationalist that he is afloat tin of holding agency until property 86."

The White House did not instantly reply to Fox News Digital's petition for comment.